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CONGRATS Peter Uihlein!

David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

The first American to win Rookie of the Year on the Euro Tour! He's shown a lot of strength this year across the pond. It'll be nice to see him playing on the P.G.A. Tour on a consistent basis, someday. 

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  1. Brian D

    Completely agree.  Peter is going to be a star in the US on the PGA Tour soon.  He has proven his game on the European tour and I only wish him the best in validating his spot on the circuit.

    Congrats to Peter, Titleist, FootJoy and the entire Achusnet Company.  You have a winner for sure!!

  2. David Browning

    This is an older post, but, after this weekend, I'd say that Peter Uihlein's starting to pull through. He shot 70, 71, 69, 65. I've noticed that he's been playing better on the weekends. The way that things have been going, I'm going to say that he's going to play some more great golf and win big on Tour.

  3. James E


    I agree. He has been a bit erratic this year (especially with the driver) but when he is on he can go low. He probably needs to play with a bit more control imho. But he has talent and he has guts and I love the fact he went over to Europe to play and to get great experience. We'll see him a lot in the winners circle, there is something special about the kid.

    Koepka is a another one to watch.

  4. Barry B

    I thought it was a very smart move for him to go the European tour instead of the PGA.  Given his pedigree, I think the pressure would have been awfully intense on him to succeed.  Taking the less visible route (to the US media anyway), gave him the opportunity to go out and get comfortable with tour life without being under the microscope.  I'm excited and can't wait to see upcoming Ryder Cups when he and all the other really talented young Americans are on our team!

  5. Thomas C

    Definitely nice to have another "young gun" coming up through the ranks. I'm ready to see some new faces on our Ryder Cup Teams and put some youth and excitement back into the game/matches!

  6. David Browning

    Koepke is solid. We'll see some great golf from him. 

    I agree as well, that Peter playing in Europe has helped him out a lot. 

  7. RCCPA

    Agree - a BIG congrats to Peter.

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