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If you did not watch the tournament today, you definitely missed a good one. Zach's comeback from 3 down to TW and the resulting tie at the 18th sent this one into sudden death. TW literally blew his final putt on the playoff hole when he rimmed it to give Zach the win. Zach really played himself proud and stayed within himself. It was something to watch and I believe that TW tried to play too conservatively to win this one. The best part is Titleist and FootJoy are the big winners in this one along with Zach.

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  1. David Browning

    Zach really earned this one, eh? He played so well. Congrats Zach!

  2. Richard S

    Epic win!

  3. Brian D

    Great win for Zach.  He puts some much time into his short game, he deserves results such as this for all of the hard work.


    Congrats!  Great way to end 2013 and head into 2014 with a nice win to keep things moving in the right direction.

  4. tdogg21

    That was a great back nine.  I wasn't able to watch it live, but I saw hints that something happened.  So I made sure to catch the rebroadcast last evening.  And it was well worth it!  Tiger doesn't get chased down often and with a hole out on 18 was incredible.  That was a great ending to a tournament.

  5. Jason C

    Zach's wedge play is incredible. Even when he struggles he seems to hit fantastic wedge shots for a great recovery. TW did choke it away, but Zach hit a couple of perfect shots to take advantage. His wedge play was a big part of his Masters win in 2007 too. Congrats on the win ZJ!

  6. Nate S

    I've got to hand it to him, although he is my least favorite Titleist staffer, Zach really held it together and chased down TW for a great win.  I was favoring TW the whole way but with a performance like that, you have to like Johnson. 

    Congrats, not many people can chase down TW.
  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Just spoke with Dave, our man and he said that Zach used the Vokey Hand Ground 60-V to hit the spectacular shot to force the playoff. 

    The Vokey hand grounds are available through

  8. Hotsauce

    Such a baller!  That second shot on 18 was so bad, but then to bounce back... epic.  What a W for Zach and TT

  9. Jamie C

    What is the lie angles of Zach's AP2 irons?

  10. Jamie C

    What are the lie angles for Zach's AP2 irons?

  11. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Zach's lie angles are between 2 and 3 flat. 

  12. Dr. Kovatchian

    Zach's Win over TW is a great lesson to all of us who play this fantastic game.

    Never give up and keep moving that ball forward!!!

    The wedge Zach hit from the drop area is one of the best I have ever seen...a nice solid crispy spinner...perfect result!!!

    Give all the credit to Bob! Bounce is your friend!

    Great Win Zach!


    Dr. K

  13. Ronald H

    The final holes between TW and Zach kept you glued to the set. Zach's second lost shot made you think oh oh....lost on the last hole. Then he puts it in!!!!

  14. greg p

    He really is fun to watch. 

    I noticed that he is carrying a 8.5* driver-- which seems to be a rarity nowadays. Anyone know why he chooses to go with such a low loft?

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