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Zach Johnson = Underrated


Did anyone catch ZJ on inside the PGA Tour?  They talked about how underrated he is, and man, they're right!  I always knew he was steady eddy out there, but I had no idea how good he actually has played.  I've always been a Zach fan, and a fan of the under dog (for the most part).  This episode made ZJ that much more appealing.  I hope he lights it up in 2014

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  1. David Browning

    Well, I think that this win helped! He played great. I admire his wedge play. I forget which hole it was during the 3rd round (I believe), but he was in the rough, chipped the ball just a tad, bounced twice in the rough, onto the fringe, then slowly rolled up next to the pin. Awesome shot! 

    He's very much devoted to his family, too. Having said that, he probably doesn't get to practice all that much. 

    I remember when he was on the Hooter's Tour. Then the Tour. Now, the PGA Tour. He's worked very hard to get to where he is now and it's definitely showing in his game. 

    I'm anxious to see how he does in 2014. Perhaps he'll win a Major. 

    Congrats on the win Zach! 

  2. Mike C

    He seems like a very solid player and a well grounded individual.  As he worked his way through the course, you could really see the course management and playing to the strengths of his game as opposed to just overpowering distance.  Glad to see him take home the trophy this week even though it was not quite as exciting of a finish as when he chipped in last year after putting the ball in the water to force a playoff.  Good luck to Zach going into 2014!

  3. Brandon C

    I too think Zach has been rather over shadowed by some other names on Tour but don't be mistaken, he will be a name to watch out for in 2014. He is so much fun to watch and his consistency is amazing.

    4 out of the top 5 finishers at the Hyundai Tournament were Titleist Ambassadors. Pretty awesome!

  4. Gabe B

    I think that you are exactly right he is the most underrated player on tour. I think there are several reasons that he is underrated first he is not a bomber of the ball and that seems to make the highlights and get everyone talking. Second he does not have the picture perfect swing like some of the guys out there that everyone loves to watch. But he is such a good player because of his wedge play and his putting. When he manages his way around the course like he did in tiger's event and then you get a wedge in his hand he might be the best in the world from there. Huge fan of Zach, love his game, love the way he handles himself on and off the golf course. My wife and I named one of our twins after him. Hope for huge things from Zach.
  5. Ric Y

    Not only is Zach underrated, he is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.  I met him at the Patriot Cup and was impressed with how great a person he is more than his game.....

  6. andy r

    Zach is all that's great about the PGA TOUR.  He works his tail off, he is respectful of fans and the other players.

    No one that I have ever seen gets more from his abilities than Zach. He is tough as nails and it shows during the team events

    He is not done winning by any stretch and will one day be inducted to the World Golf Hall of Fame.

  7. Hotsauce

    Zach is lock for the HOF.  I just can't believe how little attention he gets for his skill level.  He's not flashy, but his short game is unreal.  He's one of my favorite guys to watch

  8. Chuck R

    Yep, I like Zach Johnson too.

    Wouldn't surprise me a bit to see him win his second Green Jacket.

    He lives about an hour south of me on beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia.

  9. Padraic S

    He is too underrated. More people need to pick him for fantasy golf and more people need to think about him winning majors and big events more often. He is short, but he putts and chips like a genius. One of the better players on the tour.

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