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Who else wants to see more match play tournaments?

Michael D.

I'm a huge fan of the match play format. I think the WGC Accenture is a great tournament and obviously I love the Ryder Cup.  I think it would be great to see more match play events added to the PGA TOUR schedule.  It would throw in some variety.

Maybe add a match play event to the FedEx Cup Playoffs?

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  1. Bill H

    I like match play, and really enjoy playing in match play events, especially as a team. One bad hole doesn't end your round or chance of winning. There is also more strategy and gamesmanship in match play. Adding an event for the FedEx Cup could be tricky, but would be easy to hand out points. I was hoping the Olympics in 2016 would have created a team event with match play and ditched the stroke event. Doing so would have made it more about country than individual. But, like you I wouldn't mind seeing more match play on tour.

  2. Matt H

    I think everyone could benefit from a little more match play, even the weekend golfer. (here in the states anyways where its not as common)

  3. Tyler H

    I am all for match play at any level. I believe that it makes you a better platyer as you have to focus on the hole at hand and not a final score.

  4. Nick P

    Match play in a team event is great.  Individuals can get a little boring especially when players make the finals arent the most popular players out there.  I can think of other things id rather watch on a Sunday instead of 2 golfers I don't care about going for the win.  Ryder Cup is a different animal because you are rooting for an entire team, not just one player

  5. Mike M

    I love to see match play events.  The problem with match play events is TV and the finals.  Having two people play a round of golf on sunday for the win is very borning and no one will watch it on TV.  

        Let me tell you how to make sunday round more interesting.  Start on Wednesday with 64 tour men in a play off.  In seporate flights on the same course have 16 women and 16 seniors play.

        Sunday will look like this.  The two Seniors that advance to the finals tee off first.  The women tee off in the next group.  Then the men tee off last.  This will have three championships on the same day and on the same course.  

        TV would love this idea for several reasons.  They will have other matches to show when the men are walking to their shots and if there is a match that ends early, TV, will a have other golf to fill the time.

    The LPGA and seniors will like this because they will get exposure that they need.  

  6. David Browning

    I know that this is an old thread,'s golf talk, and I love talking golf


    I'd love to see more match play tournaments. I know that I get pumped up when I'm playing in a match play tournament. In my opinion, a player is more focused. It really brings out the best in a player.


    I'd also like to see the W.G.C. events spread more globally. The HSBC Champions in China is good for the game. Especially with the growth potential over there. Scotland, Spain, Italy, Canada, South America, England, Ireland, perhaps Switzerland,  Australia, South Africa, Germany and a few other places, would also be great locations.

  7. Deno

    Really like Match Play format,   PGA should have a few on the schedule to break up the boring week after week sameness.  Would create exitement. 


  8. Mike M

    I like match play better but only if there is a few matches going on at the same time.  The finals in a match play event is often anticlimactic.  With only two players TV networks run a lot more commercials and there is nothing to do inbetween shots.  I think this problem could be resolved by having an LPGA event at the same course.  Two separate match play championships (seporate Men, and Ladies events) on one telecast. 


  9. Clinton M

    i would like see more match play.
  10. Hotsauce

    I would rather see the Stableford come back than more match play.  Although I do like the change of pace, I think two match play events is enough.

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