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Titleist golf ball

Ryan P

I'm currently thinking about buying the new prov1 I was always playing the prov1x or velocity and now I've been playing the prov1 and it has preformed very well in the past month does anybody have any suggestions how to and where to get fit for my titleist golf ball.

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  1. Michael M


    The best way to find out which ball is best for your game is to conduct on course testing. We have developed a scorecard that will help you with this process (scorecard can be downloaded here: ). Ultimately it is all about which ball performs the best for you, especially in the short game. I would encourage you to take the three balls you are considering out on the course and hit a variety of different shots with each. See which ball gives you the best control. The Urethane cover on the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are designed to increase spin in your short game. 

    As far as going through a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting, you can find where our fitting vans will be conducting events at this website: . We have three mobile fitting vans that cover the country. Hopefully one will be in your area soon!

    Best of luck to you in the testing process.


  2. Clinton M I hope this helps.
  3. William B

    Hi Ryan

    I did a complete fitting at the Titleist facility in Manchester (Acushnet) MA.

    The regular ProV1 will help you get a little bit higher ball flight than the ProV1x, depending on your SS. The balls checks about the same in the greens, the ProV1 will stop sooner. One of the most noticeable differences is when putting, even a slow swing will give you feedback and remember that putting is about 50% of the game.


  4. SD_Golfer

    I couldn't agree more Michael.  I tested Pro V1 and Pro V1x at the same time through a few rounds of 18 holes of "regular play".  I found the Pro V1 performs best for me.  In fact, when I find competitors golf balls, I put them through the same test.  Not surprised ... Titleist always comes out ahead.

    Last week when I purchased a new sleeve of Pro V1's from the Pro Shop, the Pro gave me a "2-ball" pack of a competitors golf ball to compare.  While they were similar off the tee, there was really no comparison on and around the green.

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