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Why do you love the U.S. Open and what makes it special to you?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

For me, it's the history of the event and all of the great finishes throughout the years. And with the final round always falling on Father's Day, it's a great reminder of the role my dad played in introducing me to this great game and the memories I have from the past along with the ones I hope to create with my own son.

What about you? Why do you love the U.S. Open and what makes it special to you? Can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

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  1. Steve N

    I love it because it is a thorough test of a pros game and it is when we get to see pros play like us!   They chili dip chip shots and 3 putt because of the pressure the greens put on their game.  Patience wins out most of the time.   

  2. Mike P

    Mike P.                    

    Mike D.

      It is always the Challenge, history that seems to be made, each Open.  It is the past, with Payne.  Father's Day weekend, can not get much Better!

  3. Mike C

    Personally, I enjoy the fact that they try to set up the course as difficult as possible for this event to really put the golfers to the test.  It will be interesting this year with the recent renovation on Pinehurst Number 2 and the lack of the high rough you typically see on a US Open venue so there will be more opportunity for high risk shots if the players get out in trouble on the course as opposed to just hacking it out.  I have played it since it was redone, or taken back to the original, and it is certain a change.  The greens on Number 2 could provide enough difficulty on their own.  Look forward to watching the event and seeing how low (or not low) the players can go!

  4. Brian D

    The US Open is a great time of year.  It is a great week / weekend to spend time with my family and most of all my Dad.  I owe him everything for all he has done for me over the years, especially introducing me to the game at a young age.  I remember cadding for him as a youngster.  He would also lighten the bag for me.  Taking out extra balls, even taking a few clubs out to help me out.  He said this is a great game to watch and learn.  At the time he said that, it really didn't make much sense to me, but now that I am an adult with two boys, I try and teach them the same things my dad did.  I guess like the game of golf, it is a game with great history and respect, and is a game you need to give back.

    Can't wait to tee it up with Dad Sunday morning and then have a cold beverage, then head back out on the course with my boys.  We will finish just in time to watch this year's US Open champ take the trophy for the year.



  5. Jesse P

    The U.S. Open to me is great because of the playoff format, 18 holes and THEN sudden death.  And now that I am a father it's even better!

  6. andy r

    A few reasons why I love it are :

    Its our national title  and is usually played on a classic golf course, from Shinnicock to the Olympic club to Winged Foot to Merion to this year at Pinehurst.

    Love those old style tracks, even though the USGA  occasionally tricks them up a bit too much. It is usually a great test of golf

    I also like the tradition of it being held on Fathers day and it's become something my son and I look forward to all year.

  7. Dan H

    Great post Mike.  I agree the fact that the Sunday finish falls on fathers day really means a lot to the players when they can win the title.  Most golfers can relate to playing the game with their fathers and that means a big deal to make your father proud especially on Fathers day.  The fact that its our National Championship and any amateur that can play at a high level has a chance to qualify and get in.  The courses are usually world class and well renowned so that helps with the prestige of the event with Pinehurst, Merion , Bethpage , etc.  The way the USGA tests the players with such tough tests of golf makes it intriguing as well to see the world's best have to be pushed to the test just doesn't get much better than that.   

  8. Joe D

    A great venue for sure.But love the U.S open just for  the fact that anyone with a 1.4 handicap can enter .Navigating there way through 2 stages of qualification and make the 156 playing field,the road is long but how cool,it would be to play in the U.S Open and tee it up with the big boys.

    Plus the chance that,just maybe we would witness a amateur win the U.S Open.Having a chance to  match what Ken Venturi,and Orville Moody did.Survive local and section qualifying and both won the open.

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