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Samuel P

Just saw the Titleist stamped alignment sticks in some bags at Charlotte and TPC.  How do I gets me some of them?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    You can purchase alignment sticks online or they have similar sticks at your local hardward store.  There were a limited amount of  Titleist alignment sticks produced, but, they were not for sale.

  2. Josh



    You all should really think about producing some Titleist brand sticks.  I think you could sell a ton of them.  

  3. David Browning

    I agree. I bought 3 from Lowe's (yellow), however, I painted them white/black with a hint of red to show support for the #1 company in golf!, and it doesn't hurt being my old school colors as well!


    I've also wondered about Titleist alignment sticks, but I have yet to see some in person.

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