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Looks like Butch is the Man

mark t

So early in the season, and BH has already racked up 2 wins with his students. Do you think he'll get more.

Has anyone of you attended his school or bought any of his training aids? Did it help? I'm curious if good.

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  1. Edward K

    I've seen him in action, briefly. He's a great teacher, and arguably not the best Harmon. There are only a few TW's and PM's out there, so I'm watching his stable closely....

  2. Chris M

    Butchi is the best teacher in the world!

    I would love to once take a lesson with him
  3. Sawyer Nix

    I had unlimited funds, he would be the teacher that I would use the most. He does not seem to push one strict philosophy (like most coaches) and helps the player with what they have, not chasing some utopia. I have not attended a school or used any of his aids.

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