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LPGA Golf Club Staff Members

M.K. Horton

Maybe someone has already addressed this and I just missed it but I was wondering why does Titleist not have many LPGA pros using their equipment. Usually, almost everyone is using the golf balls but I rarely see a player with the staff bag and clubs from Titleist.

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  1. killerbgolfer

    I've always wondered about that as well. I've seen a few LPGA players with Titleist irons, wedges, or putters in their bags, but not the "Titleist Staff" brand ambassador status. I'd love to see what people here have to say.
    Maybe you'll be the first?
  2. Edward K

    Good question.....One that I'm sure the concierge can answer. I don't have any idea..
  3. Gary D

    Apple computer hooks people while they're still in school. These other golf manufacturers do something similar with good programs for the women at the high school and college level. Titleist should step it up if they want to recapture the market. The female market is growing.
  4. Chris Hatem

    Good comment M.K. lets get some more Titleist brand ambassadors out there on the LPGA and the Symetra Tours.
  5. John G

    While not the LPGA, I sponsor a woman who's been playing on the Symetra tour and is now on the Ladies European tour. She plays Titleist irons and has a staff bag, but according to her, the rep she deals with offers balls and a pair of shoes and that's about it.

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