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Titleist tour truck


Thought this was a really cool read about the tour truck that Titleist takes from tournament to tournament.

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  1. Speedy

    So that's how much it cost huh? I'm sure the equipment they store in there is worth more than the truck itself :)

    Would love to tour that truck someday... I know a few lucky TT members have done it...
  2. Ski & Tee Dave

    That's a very interesting article. Thanks for posting!
  3. ben l

    Very cool. Thanks for posting.
  4. SRichardson

    Thanks for sharing. Really interesting read
  5. Chris Hatem

    I got an inside look at the truck last year at a PGA Tour event, it was awesome!
  6. Josh A

    That would be fun to tour sometime. I wonder how hard it is to get a tour?
  7. colin b

    Good read
  8. Davis L

    Very cool article! I am always interested about the trucks out on tour and how they run.
  9. David C

    Wow, how cool would that be to get a tour and have them build a custom set for you right there on the spot. Boys, that's what dreams are made of!!!
  10. Eric H

    Nice read, that really is a cool topic.
  11. Chris92009

    You gotta luv it! I would enjoy seeing a feature article on this site about the trucks along with more in detail items relative to the staff!
  12. TDelp

    Man, I would love to spend a day in that rig!
  13. Sawyer Nix

    I had the fortune of going in the truck years ago at Augusta on a whim. In the past, they parked the truck in a random yard or parking lot close to ANGC, so I just walked up and asked if I could look in. I waited until a caddy grabbing some stuff for his pro left and then I explored. Cool experience, but was only in for very brief moment.

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