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US Open- Should it be the toughest test?


All 4 of golf's majors harbor their own unique character. The Masers has the tradition, The Open is links golf at it's finest, and the PGA is an ode to the Club Pro's and also Glory's Last Shot, but the US Open, in general, has the "Par should win" stigma.

I for one really enjoy watching the world's best struggle to save par. It's something that every weekender knows all too well. Sure it's fun to watch birdies and eagles, but call me a sadist because for 1 week a year I enjoy watching the Pros look human.

After seeing Ricky and some other tour pro's tweets, Oakmont is sure to live up to its reputation as the hardest track on the planet. I can't imagine what it's like to play on greens that stimp 14+, or hack it out of ankle deep rough, but I do what it's like to fight for a round in the 70's.

I don't think it would be fun to watch all the time, but for one week I enjoy watching the struggle. What do you think TT? Should the US Open strive to be toughest test in Golf?

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  1. DHall

    I agree. Watching the best have to work hard to play the game gives me a feeling of "their earning" it. Of course they earn it every week, but there's something to be said about watching how they handle the humbling difficulty of fast and slick greens. How they bust out of tall and grabby 2nd and 3rd cut rough. It can truly separate the mentally strong from the weak. As they say, cream rises to the top.
  2. Sirhc

    I imagine lots of the TT community are USGA members. As a member, the U.S. Open set up is the one thing the USGA does that I don't like. Yes, tough is good. Watching pros scramble for par is good. I just wish the courses would look the way they normally look.
    Take the last two years. When you think Pacific Northwest, you think green grass, trees and rain. Yet, Chambers Bay looked like asphalt, especially the greens. And Pinehurst #2 was absolutely burnt-out, and that was before the women played!
  3. Greg D

    I think it should be hard. I believe par should be a good score. I hate watching tournaments where they just bomb a driver as far as they can and hit a wedge out of nonexistent rough to 5 feet and tap in birdie. That's not golf to me. It should be as much about placement as it is distance. Good shots should be rewarded and bad shots should be penalized. Thats what I enjoy about the US OPEN, bad shots are punished. As long as it's fair. Chamber's bay wasn't fair. Hope Oakmont is.
  4. Luke W

    I agree that the US Open should be the hardest test in golf. I have played Oakmont multiple times and the easiest it played was right after the womens open with their super slow greens. Anyways the course is very fair at 15 on the stimpmeter but still allowing birdies if you know what you are doing. Best test in golf that i have played. Perfect place to iron out your weaknesses
  5. Bryce M

    The greens were too insane for my liking at Oakmont, but I do like the "protecting par" stigma that the US Open has going for it.
  6. Hotsauce

    I totally agree Greg. The course has to be fair and less about bounces and luck. I feel like The Open Championship is more about weather and bounces. The US Open should be tough but fair, and protect par. I'm glad you guys are with me.
  7. Sawyer Nix

    It should be hard but fair. Having several players not reach a par 4 in two shots is unfair. The conditions and course should dictate scores not the set up. With that being said, seeing the players really tested and frustrated is ok for once a year.
  8. Edward K

    I don't like that length has become huge advantage, but the US OPEN should be a difficult test.

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