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Rank the Majors


Of all the Major Championships which would you want to win more? I have a feeling mine is going to be a bit different.

1. The Open 2. US Open 3. Masters 4. PGA

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    1-U.S. Open
    2-The Open Championship
    3-The Masters
    4-The PGA Championship.

    Dr. K
  2. aholtmeyer

    I would have 1. Masters 2. US Open 3. The Open 4. PGA Championship
  3. Christian J

    1. Masters
    2. The Open
    3. US Open
    4. PGA
  4. DV

    Mr P

    1 - US Open (because it is America's Championship open to all playing on the most difficult conditioned courses in America. A true test of a champion.)
    2 - PGA Championship (because historically it is the most diverse group of golfers and deepest field of players in the world playing some of America's best golf courses)
    3 - Masters (sorry your course though)
    4 - The " British" Open (well what can I say...great to watch if you suffer with insomnia)
  5. Andrew J

    I pretty much would like the order they are played in
    1. Masters
    2. US open
    3. Open championship
    4. PGA.
  6. Chris M

    Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, PGA Championship
  7. DHall

    1. Masters (I am a huge fan of Bobby Jones)
    2. The Open
    3. US Open
    4. PGA

    1. Masters
    2. The Open
    3. US Open
    4. PGA
  9. Eric

    1. Masters

    2. The Open Championship

    3. US Open

    4. PGA Championship
  10. Michael JC

    Masters, The Open, U.S. Open and PGA.
  11. No'l

    1-The Masters
    2-U.S. Open
    3-The Open Championship
    4-The PGA Championship
  12. richbow9

    1. 'The' Open Championship - always a battle against the elements. If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes!
    2. The Masters
    3. US Open
    4. US PGA
  13. Sam C

    1. The Masters
    2. US Open
    3. The Open
    4. The Players
    5. PGA Championship....

    See what I did there!

    - Sam
  14. ben l

    1. Masters
    2. The Open
    3. US Open
    4. PGA
  15. JP

    1.) The Masters
    2.) US Open
    3.) PGA
    4.) British Open (because of the viewing hours, or it would be 3rd).
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