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Beef anyone?


Andrew Beef Johnston. A relatively new name on tour, but what a credit to the game. I love his attitude, and the way he conducts himself on ththe course and with the fans. On Saturday at The Open he was walking down the 18th high fiving anyone that cared to stick their hand out. He plays the game like he's having a Saturday afternoon knock with his pals. The game needs more of these characters, and get rid of the petulant humourless robots that the game has a the moment, mentioning no names... Oh and Beef is a titleist staffer too :-)

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  1. Edward K

    I think he's actually what the game needs. Some spark, some life in it. WE need characters.......He's fun to watch!!.....
  2. Trevor D

    What a beauty Beef is. Imagine playing a four ball with him, Shane Lowry and JD! The Beer cart would need a tap lol!
  3. Robert

    yeah he seems like a cool dude. he was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday. very funny, looking forward to seeing him more often on the tour.
  4. No'l

    Yeah, I saw a few holes of him. He's got it together- I like him- got game, too! But everyone is diff. Those guys are people like anyone. Yeah, I don't mind seeing more of him or more of his type attitude.
  5. DHall

    I really like the guy. Anyone so laid back, can take a joke and give one back is fun to be around. Ive seen a few negative comments about him and these people think he's actually bad for the game. What planet are they on? Crazy that anyone in our sport would say that. Bigotry is not a part of a "gentlemen/women's" game in my opinion.

    There is so much talk about the olympics and growing the game. Beef will bring way more people to play than someone they cant even approach.

    GO BEEF!
  6. Dave M

    Absolutely agree, need the likes of him in the game to attract the younger generation to play the game.

    How good would it be were he to win a major?
  7. Speedy

    Love Beef! I agree with everyone on here but the thing I like about him the most is his honesty... We definitely need more players like him.. I'm hoping he's around for a long time....
  8. Chris M

    great character and always smiling chap
    This is a personality the golf sport needs next to the (almost a bit too focussed) players like Bubba or Rory
  9. richbow9

    I think we'll be hearing a lot more about him. He seems to have captured the imagination of the media and club golfers.
    Such an honest guy
  10. Hotsauce

    Characters make a story, and Beef is a king amongst characters. He's great for the game, and I personally hope he doesn't lose sight of himself as he climbs the ranks. Both tours US and Euro need guys like this.
  11. Gerry B

    Seems like a real nice guy
  12. Hotsauce

    Looks like the Tour is going to get a lot more Beef. I can't wait to see him in 2017

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