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Golo 5 seems to be making a surge on tour?


It seems like I am seeing lots of new Scotty Cameron Golo 5's making initial appearances on tour....has anyone else noticed this?

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    I think it's that time of year when the guys who have been struggling with the flat stick are trying new setups for the playoffs. I think a few of the guys that normally are blade guys are looking to stabilize their strokes with a mallet style putter.

    Rory is using a Select Newport M1 Modified this week...

    Mallet Head
    DR. K
  2. Sirhc

    Chris - I am not sure about the GoLo 5, but wasn't Rory using a GoLo yesterday (Thurs. 8/25) at the Barclays? Saw it clearly during the "Did my ball move or not?" controversy.
    It could just be me, but I have seen more Futura X putters.
  3. Garrett B

    Sirhc- pretty sure Rory is using M1 modified the way he likes it. Just wanted to clarify!

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