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Team Titleist "Application"

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist! 

With the Ryder Cup underway, we have posted some of our Team Titleist "applications" filled out by Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf ball loyalists on the U.S. and European squads. You can find them here: 

Jordan Spieth

Andy Sullivan

Well now, it's your turn! Click on this photo below to enlarge the application, fill it out and post yours in the comments below. We look forward to reading your responses and seeing your golf hole designs. 

All the best, 

Team Titleist Staff 

15 Replies

  1. John Mc

    Attached my "application" to this post. Hope I attached it right.
    Post Image
  2. Don O

    Wish I could creatively match Donald Ross for hole design, but did one I would like.
    Post Image
  3. greg p

    Who is this Spieth guy?
  4. JOE K

    This is my application with my golf hole which would be 17th on my golf course.
    Post Image
  5. Ryan P

    Here's mine! Love this idea!
    Post Image
  6. samuel g

    Could be worse...
    Post Image
  7. R. B

    Titleist since the 90's and the tour balata
    Post Image
  8. Dr. Kovatchian

    Fun Exercise!!!
    Nice to see all the interesting answers.

    Dr. K
    Post Image
  9. Michael U

    Fun to see the variety/creativity in course design.
    Post Image
  10. Michael U

    Fun to see the variety/creativity in course design.
    Post Image
  11. KLarkin

    Hole lining the lake on the right, with a hole protected by bunkers and subtle green undulation. Creek drivable, but must lay up to the left side of the fairway for best look at the hole location. Farther left = better angle but farther distance; Farther right = closer distance but harder angle.
    - Some other great hole designs on here!
    Post Image
  12. Blake v

    Loved doing this! #TeamTitleist
    Post Image
  13. Bigmoochi

    Lets build a golf course with the best 18 holes submitted! LOL
    Post Image
  14. Tyler Kopp Golf

    My Golf Course and Resume - TK Golf Club
    Post Image
    Post Image
  15. Andrew C

    My Instagram is @Andrew.Crouch1 and I feel like this hole would be the 4th hole and a par 4.
    Post Image

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