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Ryder Cup Awesomeness


How about that Ryder Cup!?! The RM and PR match was one for the history books. So many birdies and eagles, I couldn't believe how good those two played under all that pressure. Can anyone remember a match so good?

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  1. Barry B

    It was a great match, but I think the PM and SG match was even better...19 birdies between the two of them was amazing.
  2. Speedy

    That first match lived up to the hype.. AMAZING to watch.. So happy PR won that match... I think that really set the tone for the rest of the US players....

    17-11? That's a good a** kicking if you ask me...
  3. Tyler H

    There were some matches for the ages played yesterday. PM and SG had quite the birdie fest.

  4. Hotsauce

    No kidding. It's amazing to watch these guys get pumped up for nothing but national pride. What a cup
  5. Robert H

    Amazing golf. Congratulations to the USA. Great atmosphere, the fans were amazing except for the odd idiot, but that first tee was fantastic. Roll on 2018 for Euro's to try and win the cup back.!
  6. Jim K

    Didn't see a ton of the matches but the highlights certainly painted quite a picture. Great competition.
  7. Chuck Z

    The sportsmanship exhibited between Patrick and Rory during play set a standard to be followed by golfers everywhere. Shows that golf is about having fun.
  8. BR

    Can't agree more that game was the best I have seen ! Well done to the USA team !
  9. Doug E

    It seemed like the putting across the board was the best I have ever seen. Some of the putts they made were amazing. After a while of watching, I was expecting every 15-20 footer to drop. And I can't remember ever seeing that many long lags go down in one day at any tournament. It's one thing to read a long putt for speed and break, but entirely different to be able to actually make it go exactly on the line and speed you attempted. God, if I could only putt 1/2 as well as the worst putter in the Ryder Cup (I guess that would be Lee Westwood), I feel like I'd be able to drop my hdcp 5-6 points. All these guys were amazing on the greens, but Sneds, Phil, Sergio, Reed and Rory were lights out.
  10. Allen L

    That was the best Ryder Cup games I've seen. Not because of the outcome so much as the quality of play. Man those guy's had their A games going. That was as exciting as golf gets. Glad I DVR'd the match, be nice to watch again this winter.
  11. Andrew A

    Makes me wish for more match play events on the schedule. There isn't anything much more compelling than head to head golf being played at the highest level.
  12. Mike C

    I have to agree that this was one of the best Ryder Cups we have seen in a while. I might be a little biased with the USA win but it was sure fun to watch the matches with the guys going low.
  13. Robert C

    What an event, I was glued to the TV all day Sunday. The PR and RM match was indeed an instant classic, such high level golf and what an atmosphere by the crowd.

    As for Phil and Sergio, another great match and glad to see it end on birdies. But what about Phil, he shoots 65 in the final round of the Open Championship only to have that not be good enough, then shoots 63 in singles in the Ryder Cup only good enough for a tie. He has to be wondering what does it take.

  14. Dwayne N

    I agree with everyone else it was truly some great golf. Really hate seeing the golf season start to wind down already getting some really cool nights and some foilage change starting. But I play year round as long as the fairways aren't snow covered but the older I get the tougher it gets.

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