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How do you deal with pressure when your in the lead and it comes down to the last few holes? How do you keep it together?

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  1. Barry B

    Whether it's match play or stroke play, forget about your opponent(s)....all you can control is your game. Focus on the shot at hand and execute. Making pars at worst over the last couple of holes is a good thing.
  2. AGuest

    A friend of mine who is a far better golfer than I am told me to just stop thinking about it and swing. Might not work for everyone but I just relax a little and stop worrying about it.
  3. Andrew A

    Just keep playing. The minute you change you game, seemingly for the better more conservative route, the more it changes for the worse. Believe in and commit to the shot you want to play and more often than not you will execute. The second "doubt" creeps in, bad things will happen.
  4. Bob T

    The way to deal with pressure when you get to the last few holes is this. When you step up to the ball take a few deep breaths. Trust what you have been doing right along and take a few good practice swings before you step up to the ball. Picture where you want the ball to go and take your swing towards that target!!! Nice shot!!!!!
  5. Gary D

    You play one shot at a time and play the course. A Heineken every 3 or 4 holes helps a lot too. Call it "swing lube".
  6. vurich

    Breathe. Let go. Release.
  7. No'l

    What got me through the last club championship (A flight), was to keep the same routine I did from the first day. I figured it got me through 68 or so holes doing it that way, I think I could do that same thing for 4 more holes, and it worked.
  8. Dwayne N

    Play the course one shot at a time stick with the fundamentals
  9. Edward K

    You HAVE to forget about the moment, and what is at stake. Be patient, as we all get quick when the nerves get going. Stick to your routine, I know that's cliche, but it works for me most of the time.....I've had many large stake moments in my golfing career, and as Faldo always says, "focus on the next shot, and only the next shot"........
  10. ToddL

    Pressure is all self-generated. Take your time with your shot, understand what you want to do, and do it. Concentration is the key. Ask yourself this question - Do you hit your best shots when you are relaxed or when you are hyped up? Chances are the former. Remember - pressure is only what you put on yourself....
  11. Michael David N

    Embrace it. I've coached high school sports for 4 years now. Embrace the spotlight and harness your adrenaline.
  12. Hotsauce

    What's the difference between a 3 foot putt for birdie and a 3 foot put for bogie? The answer is nothing. Like Todd and others have said, pressure is self-imposed. Try to treat every shot the same and learn to embrace the feelings of pressure. Once you come through in the clutch once, it'll get easier every time, and you'll start to come through again and again.
    If you're really struggling with pressure, try things to make your practice matter. Line up putts, chips, drives (whatever you're struggling with) and don't leave until you've hit 10 in a row. If you miss one, start over. Trust me, on swing 8 & 9 you'll start to feel a little pressure. It worked for me.
    The driver is my least favorite arrow in the quiver, so I started doing a game I called 13 fairways. I would designate a fairway on the range, and not quit until I'd hit it 13x in a row. I can't tell you how many times I got to 12 and choked. After a while, the 13th felt just like the first. Now I start my practice sessions with this drill and can pretty much blow through it in one try. Today when I have a "must hit" fairway, I just take a deep breath and pretend I'm on the range ready to do the 13 fairways drill. It works surprisingly well.
  13. Ethan S

    The only thing you can control is going through your routine and trusting your swing. Cheers
  14. richbow9

    Something I need to work on for sure. I can be having a good round then stand on the tee on say, 15 & 16 and blow up and squander a good score. In match play I play better when chasing. E.g. Last week playing 4bbb, we were 3 down with 3 to play and halved the match!

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