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Erik Compton

Cathy E

Hi, does anyone know if Erik will be competing in Q-School again this year?  I'm assuming he was exempt from Stage 1 but might have to go to Stage 2?  Any information would be great!

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  1. Dennis M

    He is supposed to start Q School Wednesday of this week. I play golf with the older brother of Erik's best friend from high School, so the Bower's brothers are like a couple walking encyclopedias and keep all of us informed of his career moves. I don't remember what they said about stage one or stage two though... just that it starts tomorrow.

  2. David Browning

    I'm not too sure, however, I'm all ears. I'd love to hear about Mr. Compton's playing situation(s). It'd be great to see him out full time next year! Hopefully, all goes well for him.

  3. Cathy E

    Thanks for the info!  I did see that Erik is in round 1 today in Port St. Lucie, Florida...which is stage 1...I was thinking he may be exempt into Stage 2 because I believe he won is stage 1 qualifier last year, but I guess that wasn't enough to get a pass out of Stage 1 for this year.  You can follow Erik's progress at Q-School stage 1 here:

    I have been a fan for a few years myself and I am following the progress of several q-schoolers.

    Good Luck Erik!!!

  4. Cathy E

    Erik is currently T4 after 2 rounds of Stage 1 Q-school qualifying...the top 23 and ties advance to Stage 2.  Looking Good!!

  5. Cathy E

    Erik finished T4 at his Stage 1 Q-school Qualifier!!  Woo Hoo!

    He is now off to Panama City Beach Florida for Stage 2 - November 17-20.

    A few interesting names in his Stage 2 Qualifier include:  Glen Day, Len Mattice, Omar Uresti, Ken Duke, Brad Faxon, and Brett Wetterich.

    Good Luck Erik!!

  6. David Browning

    Great going Mr. Compton!


    I pray that he gets his card. I'm definitely a fan of his. I love seeing him at the Memorial. He's just your average, down to earth, gentlemen. He always has a smile on his face and always in great spirits.

  7. Cathy E

    Erik starts round 1 of Stage 2 Q-school today!  I do recognize a few names as either current or former PGA Tour players, so he's got some experienced competition.  They have not yet posted how many players from his site advance, but based on last year I think it's between 18-23 out of approximately 80.  Let's hope he has a great day 1!

    Here is a link to the official PGA Tour Q-school leader board - they do not do live scoring per hole, but will post the score after completion of the round.  Erik tees off at 9:20ET in Florida.

    There are 5 other sites hosting Q-school events, too.

    GO Erik!

  8. Cathy E

    Erik is currently T8 after 2 rounds of Stage 2 q-school - there are about a dozen guys still finishing their rounds, but it looks very good that Erik will be in the Top 10 going into the last 2 rounds..he is currently 4 shots back of the leader, but only one shot away from being tied for 3rd! 

  9. David Browning

    Yeah, I've been following Mr. Compton pretty close. So far, so good. He's been playing some pretty consistant golf lately. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I know that he can do it!

  10. Deno

    We're sure pullin; for EC.  Thanks for the updates Cathy.


  11. Cathy E

    Erik will be heading to the Final Stage of Q-school!  WOO HOO!!  He finshed 7th in his Stage 2 event in Florida...with the top 19 and ties advancing.  The final stage, which is 6 rounds, starts on December 1.  I believe the Golf Channel will televise the final round or maybe final 2 rounds.  A great accomplishment for Erik!

  12. David Browning

    I was following him the whole way. I knew that he could do it! It's definitely a great accomplishment for him.

    It took a lot for him to get to where he's at and I really hope that he has a strong finish at Q-School. It'd be nice to see him play more in 2011.


  13. Cathy E

    Well, they're off!  The final stage of Q-school has started in Florida.  Erik Compton teed off at 8:30ET and is -1 after 2 holes...of course he still has 106 holes to go!  Weather looks to be good for the week so far.

    I'm also rooting for Minnesotan Clayton Rask...he is a former Gopher golfer who played on the Canadian Tour this past year (and in 2009) - he made it to the 2nd stage last year but didn't reach the's hoping for a great finish for him, too!

  14. Deno

    Thanks for the update Cathy

    Orange County Nat'l.  Great facility. Was planning to go down and watch. Prior committments snuffed the trip.  Weather in the 60's this week in central Florida.  

    Go Eric & Clayton


  15. David Browning

    I have a really good feeling, right now, that he's going to make it!

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