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Stand bag

I got a new 2017 stand bag as a gift it's a great bag 14 way model but the stand legs don't go all the way into bag when I carry they hang...

The Clubhouse

Thank you

Thank you Titleist for helping me shoot my best score at my club (Hoakalei Country Club) 71 from the Blue tees. Today was...

The Clubhouse

Hip Replacement

On May 8th I finally had my right hip replacement surgery. Rehab is progressing, albeit slower than I would like due to a...

The Clubhouse

Scotty Cameron Gallery

My family and I live in Phoenix and go to La Jolla 1-2 times a year to get away from the heat and we are headed back over in...

The Clubhouse

Lucky Headcovers!

So I had seen these online but they were outrageous.... with little to no hope I called my local club to see if it may be...

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