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Iron Head Covers

Andy D

I was recently at Golf Galaxy looking for a set of iron covers for my 710CB's.

I noticed that other brands had specific covers. Does Titleist plan on offer iron covers of their own?

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  1. Carlo Angelo

    i haven't seen any... and i don't think there is one. I would suggest neoprene headcovers, they are easier to slip on/off the irons. And I would recommend the ones with laces (strings) so that the covers are tied to each other so that you don't loose a piece.

    I know its to protect the irons from banging each other (especially when riding). But wouldn't you want others to see that you play Titleist irons.

    Good luck and Happy Golfing!



  2. Cody D

    I Agree. I would love to find some for travel. I think everyone who travels with their clubs would agree there is no respect from the airlines with the sticks.
  3. Andy D

    I did buy just plain neoprine covers, but I would pay more if Titleist came out with stylish iron covers. I would use them for more than just travel abroad, but also for traveling from my home to the local courses and while on the cart, to prevent chattering. I want to keep my clubs looking new as long as I can. Thanks, Andy

  4. Paul T

    That would be awesome to have Titleist covers, also covers for BV wedges. 3-PW, G, S, L sounds good to me! haha

  5. Tyler G

    I got a set of Navy Blue Neoprene Iron covers with Titleist on the side off ebay a couple years ago.  

  6. Ryan B

    while I don't know if this is a Titleist endorsed site, you can go to and they have iron covers for Titleist irons in many colors with the Titleist logo emblazoned on the headcover. There are some really cool designs

  7. Pete D

    Sorry, but they look goofy. JMHO.

  8. Duane W

    Some have recommended neoprene and do as well. If you can find ones that have a clear plastic window so you can see what club you are grabbing. Just got my first set and love them. Not sure on Titleist name branch but I was to get mine with Callaway.  I don't have to worry about putting the 8 cover on the 8 iron. You just slide them on any club and still know what club it is. I can do a quick double check of what club I have before I pull it out. The ones I have provide a snug fit and haven't loss one yet. JMHO

  9. Andy D

    I checked out the site, and seems to be the same generic iron covers that you find on Ebay with the logo screened on them.

    I think Titleist is missing the boat on a marketing level. Look at way TM and Callaway market covers to training aids.

  10. Jared N

    So if I see Titleist iron covers on ebay or other sites, they aren't really produced by Titleist?

  11. Paul Garoppo

    Go to:

    They have all kinds of Titleist iron covers.

  12. Fred C

    Striker Wright

    Go to:

    They have all kinds of Titleist iron covers.

    I checked that site out - they seem to have the same covers on ebay for a lot less.

  13. Neal F

    An on-line store named "Golf Iron Headcovers" carries Titleist specific headcovers for both irons and woods.

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