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New Titleist stickers

Devin B

Hey I have yet to receive my Titleist Stickers since I register. I was just wondering if i could get those any time soon or what the deal is. Anyway thanks for your time. Will you let me know whats going on?

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  1. Paul T

    You don't get stickers just for registering. TT will send out stickers at random to random people who are on the forums, from what I've seen.

  2. memphisunited

    Welcome to the forums.  Add to the conversation and maybe you'll find it rewarding.

  3. Devin B

    oh alright, i see. thanks for the help! hopefully ill get lucky and score some!

  4. Tim Tiger

    Contribute to the site and the team always seems to find extras for the forum members.

  5. Ryan C

    I would love some too :)
  6. Charles G

    You have to pay to get a decal??? I was hoping someone would send me one for my new ride.

  7. Deno

    Welcome Devin...enjoy the site, post your thoughts.  Most of all, be active!!


  8. Cody D

    Yes there are a lucky few that recieve some Titleist gear or SWAG but not for signing up directly with TT.

  9. James B

    I got lucky last year and received one in the mail. I have it on the bumber of my truck. it says "I'd rather be driving a Titleist"

  10. Christian J

    Titleist doesn't make you pay for anything.  THe only way you can get these specials is by being an active and contributing member on this site.

  11. Seth M

    I'd Love to have a sticker for my orange 350z i just got!!!!

  12. Seth M

    I'd Love to put one on my new 350z!!

  13. robert w

    Iwould love some new titleist decals!

  14. Brian D

    Devin, Welcome to the Team Titleist forum.  It is a great pleasure to have you and hopefully we will see you contribute to some of the conversations from time to time.  I have been on the site for a while now and enjoy the pictures shared, views from the range, new steps in technology and the friendships in general.


    Stay tuned for contests that are posted from time to time and take it all in as it comes.  I am sure at some point the Team Titleist crew will reward you with something.  My guess is they have hit just about everyone up at one point or another who has joined the team.


    Best of luck,


  15. Evan01

    many golf shops had been giving those away.I have one on the front and one on the back bumper.

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