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National TT CHARITY tournament

Nate S

Hi everybody,

My cousins have CF and i was wondering. If I had a national charity tournament sponsored by titleist, how many of you guys would participate. Post yes as a reply if you would do it.

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  1. eagle3

    Depending on where, YES

  2. memphisunited

    Depends on the location, but sounds like a great idea.

  3. pulplvr

    Lots of ifs involved--location, timing, overall cost.  If all fell into place, though, I would come in a heartbeat.

  4. Nate S

    We want to have it hopefully on the southern east coast. I am trying to hook up with Secession CC. Very extremely nice course in southern SC. It is one of the top 100 courses in the country. I know a member so I can hopefully get him to get us on for 2-4 days. Entry fee would be something like $50-$75. We would hopefully have a raffle if titleist would sponsor the tournament. The winner will get a free set of titleist clubs again, if titleist sponsors the tournament. We would hopefully raffle off some clubs and other items.


    Nate S

  5. Hotsauce

    I would love to play regardless of sponsorship.  Just the opportunity to meet some TTers is enough for me.  Depending on the dates I would love to fly down for it.

  6. Joey R

    I would play as well depending on the schedule. 

    Also since it is in SC, I would be willing to help if you need any. 

    Let us all know the details. 

    Joey R

  7. Barry O

    Hi Nate, Barry Oliver here. I live in NY State and I would love to make the trip south to play in the event with other TT members! I usually travel south to Florida to visit my daughter and her family and a retired friend in Sarasota, FL during the winter months. If the Tourney lined up anywhere near my depart date or return date, I would be there for sure! Let us all know what the plans will be when finalized. Thanks,                                                                                                                 Barry O.

  8. Cris M

    Short drive from Atlanta. Count me in
  9. Deno

    Depending on the date.  I'm definately interested.

  10. clayton t

    if they have tourny near me i would play....... my daughter found out she has MS been thinking about have a tournement  for that

  11. Curtis M

    Illinois is a bit to far away!!

  12. Mark F

    Most of the posts for this topic were from 2012.  Was there ever an event?  If YES, then will there be another in 2013?

    Mark F

  13. Don O

    Titleist gets hundreds of requests to sponsor events, so they sponsor none to be fair to everyone else that they wouldn't.

    If someone wanted to put together a program and invite TT members with a goal of supporting a charity of their choice, there is interest in that.  However, usually works better to keep it local to get locals of means willing to pay a $100-200+ registration fee to make the event worthwhile for the time to put it on.  The local symphony is putting a tournament with the option to stay for a free concert - after a $1200 foursome fee.  I probably wouldn't pay $400 for plane tickets and $400 for rentals/hotel/food to pay another $200 a round with the primary intention of supporting a worthwhile charity out of town.

    What could work is putting together some regional programs without much overhead for the fees to get TT members to come out to play.  Somewhat similar to Am-Tour.

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