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AP1 712 irons swing weight

Bill B

Just purchased a set of AP1 712 irons (4 thru GW) with DGXP R300 shafts, checked the swing weight and was surprised to find out they are C-9. The Titleist spec calls for D-2. My questions is would the lighter swing weight be a result of the shaft?

Appreciate your reply, thanks in advance.


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bill,  The standard set of 712 AP1 irons with the XP R300 should be D2 +/-1.  Keep in mind that swingweight scales can differ by 2 or even more swingweights.  I have a swingweight scale at home and even though we check it regularly, was very surprised to find it off by 2 swingweights so it does happen.  That being said, we would be happy to check the swingweight on your set - just take it to any authorized retailer and have them set up an inspection. 

  2. Bill B

    Thanks Cathi,

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    Good point, will follow up with local authorized retailer to check the swing weights. Have a second question for you, have been reading the postings on serial numbers, in some cases only the 6 irons is marked while other postings advised all the irons are marked. Can you please check your records to determine what is noted for my set. The serial number is 28YGN on each iron (4 thru GW).  

    Again appreciate your reply,

    Bill B

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bill,  After I checked your serial number, it seems very likely that this set is lighter because it was ordered at 1" over standard with the grip in the box.  That means that it was built with light heads to accomodate the length that was ordered and someone cut them down to standard length.  When this order was shipped, it had standard lie and loft. 

  4. Bill B

    Cathi thanks so much for your reply. What are the recommendations from Titleist to bring them up to the D 2 swing weight specs at this time.

    As always appreciate your reply.

    Bill B.

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    An easy way would be to use lighter grips. Golf pride carrys a 25 gram grip that will bring the swingweight up about 4-5 swingweights, depending on your grip weight,.

  6. Lou G

    Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    An easy way would be to use lighter grips. Golf pride carrys a 25 gram grip that will bring the swingweight up about 4-5 swingweights, depending on your grip weight,.

    Interesting that Golf Pride finally got onboard with light grips.  It seemed like only Winn carried lighter weight  grips (the Excel RF 42g standard and 43g midsize and the Winn Lite at 25g; the Lite Dri-Tac oversize is 26g).

  7. Bill B

    Hi Cathi, wanted to drop a quick note thanking you and your team for great customer service. Really surprised how quickly the replies came to my questions. Keep up the good work! Have a great day.

    Bill B. 

  8. John N

    Cathi, this conversation about swing weight is getting me to think about how I want to order my new set of AP2 irons.  My current set of AP2 712 were custom ordered 1 yr ago 1/2" long and with KBS Tour S shafts soft stepped.  I want to order a new set of irons that will be similar to what I have now without the additional 1/2".  The fitter suggested the extra length to give me a bit more distance which I wanted.  That may be made up now with the adjustment in the new AP2 lofts without having the clubs longer.  I use the golf pride M580 which I think is the tour velvet with 2 wraps of tape and an additional 1 under the lower half of the grip.  Is this making the grip end of the shaft heavy, and should I equalize it with a heavier head?  It may be light and getting back to D2 SW may feel better I'm wondering.  I will hold off on ordering my irons until I hear from you.



  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi John,

    The length of your 712 AP2's is what enabled us to achieve the D2 swingweight on your set and yes, the grip with the extra wraps will reduce the swingweight by about 1/2 swingweight.  What you can do is to build the 714 AP2 irons with KBS Stiff flex soft stepped at 1/4" with your same grip build up and request a D2 swingweight.  That should not be a problem as long as your pro requests that when he calls in the order. 

  10. John N

    Cathi, Are you saying to get the clubs standard length and soft-stepped at 1/4", or get the shafts soft-stepped and 1/4" longer than standard?  I will request a D2 swing weight when ordering considering I will build up the grips a bit.  Do they use a heavier head to achieve this?  I hit my 7 iron 150 yards (loft is at 35), and shaft is 1/2" long.  Will the new spec on the 7 iron being at 34 degree loft get me close yardage wise with standard length shaft?  Also is this KBS Tour shaft soft-stepped a good set-up for getting some  launch height?  I love the ball flight so I thought I'd stick with that shaft.  Does Titleist keep the specs on my last custom clubs ordered a year ago?  The serial # on clubs is 9AOTZ.  If so please let me know what they were.  Thanks for all your hard work and help, it is greatly appreciated and it is one of the reasons Titleist is awesome to support.  I can't wait to order the new AP2 but I will wait till I get your thoughts.



  11. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi John,  Your current clubs are 1/2" long, 1° strong on the 5 and W, 2° strong on the 6-P, 2° up with special wrapping on the grips.  Going to a standard length, std loft and 1° stronger will probably not give you the equivalent yardage that you are looking for (you can never say never because everyone is unique).  A good rule of thumb, depending on your speed, is that each degree of loft will be approximately 2-3 yards.

    If you were fit over at Greensboro CC, I would go and talk to Jim or Adam and ask them what they would recommend as the new irons will go through the turf with less effort, and the long irons will be easier to get in the air.  If you get the same specs and set up as your current irons and only change the length to 1/4" over, you may not lose any yardage.  It just depends on whether that 1/4" helps you control the head better and allows you to swing more efficiently. 

  12. Chris M

    This is a great topic. I went for a Titleist fitting and ended up loving the KBS TOUR S in the 714 AP1. Is it safe to assume that my standard specs would produce the same swing weight as the fitting iron I was fitted with? I did not specify swing weight in my custom order. 

  13. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Chris,

    Yes, the fitting clubs are built to standard for the KBS shaft (std length), stock grip and the AP1 head, which is D1 +/-1 swingweight.

  14. Chris M

    Thank you Cathy. I was told the fitting iron (714 AP1) was standard swing weight (D-1) with stock shaft (TT XP 95) and switching the fitting iron to KBS Tour S made the swing weight heavier which I prefer. So did they put lighter heads in my order to achieve same swing weight as stock XP 95 shaft? Or am I not understanding this straight? Thanks for your help! 

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