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location of carry bag "golf ball coal chute"

Thor B

Just purchased a close-out x86 Titleist stand bag. Excellent bag. The accompanying bag description lists, among other  features, a "Full, Coal Chute Ball Pocket on Spine of Bag." I  know what a coal chute is. My family had one in the basement of our home in SF during the 1940's. But, I can't find the ball coal chute on the spine of the bag or anywhere else. (I'm assuming the "spine" is the back of the bag where the handle and carry straps are located.)

Can anyone tell me exactly where the coal chute ball pocket is?  The coal chute is also mentioned on newer bags but the pictures on the Titleist website don't show the location. Thank you and cheers, Thor Breton.

PS the water bottle sleeve on the left side of the bag makes for a first-rate ball storage bin - until I find the coal chute.

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  1. Quintin H

    Just guessing. I'd say the coal chute pocket is elastic and lays flat until you put balls in it. Designed to put the balls in at the top and push down to remove at the bottom.

  2. Thor B

    Excellent idea but, unfortunately, no luck. After seeing your post I did another "alI over search" of the x86 and found nothing. It may simply be a printing error by Titleist's advertising department; that is, I  guess the Titleist promotion department may have picked up copy for another, similar, putter and included it in the x86 stand bag product description attached to the bag. Fortunately, the water bottle compartment is a generous enough size to accommodate a couple of balls as well. Thor.

  3. greg p

    I think that  "coal chute" is the name they gave to the two pockets under the handle.

    The X86 is a great bag.  Good choice.

  4. greg p

    greg p

    I think that  "coal chute" is the name they gave to the two pockets under the handle.

    The X86 is a great bag.  Good choice.

    Check out the link for the lightweight bag.  The description next to the pockets picture references "coal chute."  Not sure why it is called that...

  5. Quintin H

    After looking at the pictures, it appears the 2 bottom zippered pockets are what they are calling coal chute.

    How zippered pockets  get that name, I have no idea.

  6. AC RixRox

    Very good question. I have just purchased a Beautiful Lightweight Cart bag and I found two tiny pockets on either side of my bag that were too big for a tee and too small for golf balls. The opening is not elasticized so golf balls are way too big for them. What the heck are they for? Hey Cameron, can you give us a clue? Did I pay full price for a production line "second" ? The bag is beautiful, costs over $200 and I would like to know what is supposed to go in the coal chute pockets.


    Very respectfully,

    A H Cooper

  7. Bryan v

    I'm interested in knowing what the coal chute pocket is and what that tiny chute-like pocket is on the outside of one of be larger pockets.  It doesn't seem large enough to put a ball into yet it's made for a purpose.  If anyone can help us figure this out I would be grateful.

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