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Team Titleist Membership

Brian D

Let me throw a question out to the community:


How many of you would pay to become or retain your membership with Team Titleist?  Let me further clarify.  The membership fees would be gathered on an annual basis and the majority of the fees would then be donated back to local golfing charities.  For example, the First Tee, Birdies for the Brave, ect.

Now here is the kicker for you:

In turn for your membership fee and knowing that some of your fees are supporting great causes related to would also get a "Team Titleist" bag tag to proudly show off. (Need some feedback from the TT crew on this peice)


Let's hear some feedback from the community.......


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  1. Spezza

    no i wouldn't,

    we pay enough for clubs with titleist the site should be free.

  2. Christian J

    I agree with Mike.  Whereas the money would go too a good cause, I don't think that they should charge for this.  I garuntee you that this site would lose quite a few members.  The goal of this was to create a community on here for Titleist fans to ask questions, get support, and meet other Titleist fans.  This is a good idea, but I don't think it would end up working.

  3. 808HACKER

    Donating to a charity foundation is an awesome idea, but as one member mentioned we already pay enough for Titleist clubs.  As far as in donating to charity, that's what tournaments are for.  Golf companies, players, and sponsoring companies already make a great deal of money from everyday hard working people paying to buy their products and watching tournaments.  It's only right that these companies and players donate to charity, which I know most do, which is good.  I for one already donate my time and money for worthy causes.  KEEP TT FREE!!!


  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Just to quickly jump in here, there are no plans to charge a membership fee for Team Titleist.

    Team Titleist is all about providing passionate golfers and Titleist brand fans with a way to connect with each other and share stories about the game of golf. We also do our best to connect you all to our brand ambassadors and product experts to make sure you have a direct line in to all of the news and information.

    In terms of the charitable focus, the Acushnet Company focuses its support to a variety of worthy locally-based and national charities including the United Way, the Susan G. Komen For the Cure and most recently Folds of Honor. 

    We appreciate all of the great ideas and suggestions that you all continue to share, so keep them coming!

  5. Brian D

    Ok, so I can see I hit a few sores spots. 

    I was trying to convey the fact about a Team Titleist bag tag would be one of the benefits of paying a nominal fee, e.g.$5.00.  I get the point that people pay for the clubs, but I see several posts where people say they would pay for something, e.g. a bag tag.  Just trying to see if there is a way to get a TT tag generated as there would be a cost to Titleist to produce.


    Glad I got some quick responses.


  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Keep the ideas coming! 

    As for the bag tag, I'm looking into what it would take to make this happen - even if it was a limited run at first.

    Stay tuned!

  7. Clint C

    Awesome Idea! Add in a TT to a hat also works.


  8. MLB12

    Count me in either way

  9. Matt T

    Brian, I do like where you are going with the idea of TT gear (It would be nice if there was alot more TT gear available to TT members), but I agree that we do already pay alot for our Titleist gear and the forum should remain open to everyone for assistance with their gear.

  10. Tim Tiger

    TT Bag Tag would be very nice.  If there were milestones to hit for being an active member or something along those lines to get "swag"/

    There seem to be a bunch of people that just come on here to get free stuff or ask the same question 100 times instead of reading posts.

    And for the record, I think that Titleist clubs are not overpriced.  They make the finest products in golf and do not cut corners.  You get what you pay for in my opinion.


  11. Lefty FPL

    How about we create a Team Titleist store that once you  become a member of Team Titleist you can purchased TT logoed  accessories and apparel perhaps a portion of the proceeds get  donated to an “agreed upon charity “

  12. Spezza

    Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Keep the ideas coming! 

    As for the bag tag, I'm looking into what it would take to make this happen - even if it was a limited run at first.

    Stay tuned!


    I think a bag tag would would be unreal! If you could order one for say $10.00 a nice metal one would be proudly displayed on my titleist bag filled to the rim with titleist gear! I am sure I am one of many that would buy one. HOWEVER don't make it like the scotty items where you need to mortgage the house again to buy something.......

  13. JPHB

    I also think it should be free - but I might be willing to fork over a nominal fee if there were some perks involved, bag tags, a sleeve of "TT" balls once a year, 5% off merch, etc - depends what the deal is.


  14. Brian D

    I am liking what I am hearing.  I certainly understand the community should remain free of any costs.  I guess I was trying to get at how the true TT members get additiional quality products branded with TT without asking Titleist to foot the bill. 


    There were some responses saying we pay enough for clubs, balls, ect.  That is seperate and really not alligned with the TT program.  That is paying "fair market value" for a quality product.


    I also like the ideas of get to some type of frequent of active participation that would allow a purchase of a product.  For example, I really love the FJ shirts embroidered with the Team Titleist logo.  They are very unique and can not be purchased.  I am sure others will agree.  Coming up with a way to monitor how active a member is gets some type of TT points to purchase products.  I will keep monitoring the post for other ideas, but keep them coming and I am sure Mike will make something happen.


    Thanks again,


  15. Quintin H

    Titleist has given me way more than anyone could possibly expect for participation on a discussion board. For all I have done for Titleist I might be deserving of a pencil, so I've been paid far more than I'm worth.

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