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Double Eagle Bag Tag??????

steve m Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

I know that there is a hole-in-one bag tag what about a double-eagle bag tag? i had 2 double eagles in a 5 days just a wonder i had.

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  1. NavyLD12

    I like this idea. I had one in 2003 and 12 days later had my last of 3 hole-in-ones.

  2. James B

    WOW , thats great, CONGRATS ! I'm still trying for my first hole in one ;-)

  3. K.J. C

    I recently had my first hole in one and wonder what I need to do to get a Titleist bag tag?  10-13-2012. 

  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    K.J. C

    I recently had my first hole in one and wonder what I need to do to get a Titleist bag tag?  10-13-2012. 

    Congrats, K.J. C! You can register your hole-in-one here: Hole-in-One

  5. Hotsauce

    I've never had a single, but I've double eagled once.  Any bag tag from Titleist would make it onto my bag!

  6. Charles R

    I had my first Double Eagle today at my local course here in Texas. Didn't even get recognized by the golf course pro. I had two witnesses and iI'll never forget it though.
  7. AJAR

    Hey Charles,

    I certainly recognize your 'Albatross'. To me that is certainly one hell of a shot! Congrats man. 

  8. Allen L

    Congrats on the Double Eagle.  I've often wondered why the Double Eagle gets no respect.  I've had two on Par 5's that were both on holes where I could see it happen, both times a driver and 3 wood, exciting.  A Double Eagle bag tag would be a nice prize.

  9. Fred C

    WOW! TWO Double Eagles? In a week? Congratulations!!!!! Most of us don't have an ace and almost none have an Albatross - there have also been less than 100 double eagles on tour since 1970. Perhaps a new bag tag is in order.


    Wow that's awesome brother!! Congrats!

  11. TOM K

    Last Thursday night, Aug 22, 2013 in our club league play I too had a "Double Eagle" 2  on a par 5 using a Titleist ProV1x. Although I am/was quite excited about this, especially since I am 69 years old with an 18 handicap, I am somewhat disappointed that this accomplishment is not celebrated or recognized as a Hole-in-One is..... Even though the odds of making an Albatross is 5 times more difficult to achieve.

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