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Titleist vs. Foot Joy @ New Bedford CC

Brian D

So I hear that there was a little match taking place this past weekend.  No, not in Chicago, but in New Bedford MA.  I am also hearing the Team Titleist may have pulled out a big win.  I would love to hear a bit more of the details.


Congrats TT #1


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  1. James B

    We need some info & Pics :-)

  2. memphisunited

    I agree.  

    Mike - where are the pics of the event?  I am torn between the two teams.  Did you guys get rain again this year?

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Rumor is that Team Titleist took home the trophy again this year. I'm trying to track down any pictures or first hand accounts of how the match went down.

  4. Tim Tiger

    Team Titleist did take the cup home again this year.  Some of our group from the FJC outing went out and watched the action.


  5. Chris92009

    Tim is correct...congrats to Team Titleist!  Two guys from our FJ Ambassador group joined in the are limited but it sounds like everyone had a fantastic time! 

  6. Hotsauce

    The tradition cup remains on the second floor eh?  With the weather, if the FJ guys made the TT folks wear some competitors rain gear TT may have not been so lucky.  Either way it's a win win.  I hear New Bedford CC is a heck of a track too

  7. Justinu3

    Congrats Titleist!  

    We must have had the FJ team distracted last week! :-)

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