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Grip Size

Eric H

Hey guys,

Just reading up on grip sizes and wondering how common the Mid Size grip is out there. with us warriors and tour players alike.  Is it common for people to use the midsize?  Im not sure, but i feel like it would make it alot more comfortable!

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  1. Don O

    If your nails are making contact with your palm, a mid-size may work.  I've gone to a mid-size on driver and it's helped loosen my grip yet still have a hold of the club.  It happens to be the new tacky Winn-grip wrap design.  I should try it on a hybrid or fw as well.  I'm only borderline too large for a regular, but the driver is improved with the midgrip.

  2. Lou G

    I have Dri Tac Lite  oversize on my driver and Excel RF midsize on my 910F and 910H. 

    A midsize rubber grip (such as Lamkin Crossline) weighs 67 grams or so - that is a little under a 3 swingweight point loss vs the standard 52 gram grip.

    The Dri Tac Lite oversize grip is 26g and I have a Burner 2007 driver that has been shortened to 44.5"

    The Excel RF midsize is 43g and that almost restores the swingweight loss caused by shortening my 910F and 910H clubs 1/2" from stock length.  I play these clubs on the upright settings of B3 and C3, respectively and the club length is historically what I am used to for a 5 wood and 5H.


  3. Christopher M

    I switched to midsize grips on my driver and both my 3 and 5 woods. Since putting them on I have noticed that my grip isn't as tight and has led to me feeling like I put better swings on the ball with these clubs.

  4. Rob K

    I have played mid-size grips my entire career and would not go back.  Great fit and feel in the hands, I love them!! 

  5. Jay Sevilla

    I use a Cadet medium on glove size because I like them snug. I have rheumatoid arthritis and recently changed the grip on my driver, FW woods and hybrid to the oversize grip. Now my hands dont hurt as much and I have better control of the club. Now my question is should I have the same grip on my irons? Does anybody have this experience?

  6. tdogg21

    i was fitted for a midsize grip, but i wasn't sure if i was going to like it.  they said it was the equivalent of about 4-5 wraps of tape.  i have big hands, so i have always done my grips with 2 wraps of tape.  i just ordered a set with 3 wraps, so i'll see if i like that and maybe go to 4 next time i re-grip.  you should use what you are fitted for, but at the same time, the feel of your grip is one of the most important, so don't blindly listen to someone without trying them.

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