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It would be cool if Titleist offered an upgrade program for its TT Members!!!

Dr. Kovatchian

With the new 913's hitting the shelves of pro shops around the country this fall can we all afford to upgrade???

It would be cool if Titleist offered an upgrade program for its TT Members!!!

There are many benefits and endless possibilities if thought out well.

Titleist would get new product into the arms of its loyal customers faster.....WIN

Customer gets product replacement at a discounted TTSRP price....WIN

Traded in equipment can then be donated to junior programs in the USA and abroad....great PR and....WIN

A program like this would enhance the Titleist Brand experience even more in a tight market place.

Sure its nice to see all the new gear hitting the shelves but in this economy we are all looking for ways to justify those fun purchases...we can always wish.



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  1. Christian J

    While this is a great idea, I don't see it happening.  Especially not in retail stores where they sell other brands as well.  Maybe for reps that sell Titleist only, but not the major stores.  They already have the trade in program, where in a way we are getting a discount when we trade in are clubs.  Know lets face it; trade in value is awful for most clubs except Titleist.  Titleist clubs hold their value extremely well, and will get more than any other brand for their trade ins.  Most likely we won't be seeing this, but all we can do is hope I guess!

  2. Robert C

    Agree this would be a great option. If we could do it directly with Titleist like other manufacturers offer I would certainly upgrade.

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