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American Blind Golf

Scott A

This is my first post so lets see how it goes.

How many people out there have ever heard of blind golf?  I'm sure everyone knows a blind or vision impaired person. Now imagine that person going out and playing a round of golf with you? impossible most would say. Well this week in San Antonio, Texas  30 blind golfers representing the US, Canada and Scotland competed in 3 sight categories playing for the title American Blind Golf National Champion. I am a 4 handicap 2012 B-3 National champion and I am over 90% blind. I would love for everyone to go out to the range and blind fold yourself and try to hit balls and then come back and tell me how was your experience.  

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  1. Deno

    Well done Scott

    I "coached" a player many years ago who was blind.   He was a good golfer before losing his sight to diabetis.    We worked on putting distance and feel.  Once I aligned his putter to a target,  he practiced his stroke to produce distance control.   His acuracy was amazing.  His full swing was incredible.  Being sighted for most of his golfing life helped him get an image in his mind.   Congrats to these athletes who compete on a national level and thanks to the coaches.

    Welcom to Team Titleist


  2. Christian J

    Wow, that is amazing!  I have enough trouble playing (with fine site), that  I can't imagine what it would be like not being able too see.  I'm in high school and we have speakers all the time come in with disabilliites.  They have encouraged me, that if they can still doing something at such a high level that they do, then there is no reason that I can't.  You and everyone else out there with disabillities our inspirations to all of us.  Thank You! 

  3. Scott A

    Thank you very much for your services in the past as a coach. Without you guys we wouldn't beable to play the game at a higher level. I understand what your player went thru mine was similar i have been playing since i was 3 and i didnt lose my eyesight till i was 25 and now at 29 have learned how to read a putt with my feet. Does your player still play? Or did he give up the game?


  4. Scott A

    I will say that it is awesome that at a high school age you understand what those speakers are meaning by their stories. They are not meant to be saddening they are meant to be taken exactly how you take them as inspiration. Humans are a magnificent creature and when we have the will power we can do anything. Don't ever give up on your hopes and dreams just because someone tells you that your not good enough or strong enough or capable. If there is a will then there will always be a way.  Your young and seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders keep that for the rest of your life you are the future.

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