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charlie Hoffman style flat brim


hello TT

so i was at the deautcha bank championship this year and followed charlie hoffman and jason dufner for one round. i absolutely love his trucker style flat brim and wish that titleist would manufacture some like the ones he wears. they dont have to have his logo, but they are the most boss hat ever and would certainly buy a few to wear...WHOS WITH ME!!!!!

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  1. John L

    you should check out the 2013 accesory line titleist has a flat brim next year

  2. Trent L


      Titleist has just released a black and also a white "flat bill" hat for the 2013 line, they are already for sale at a couple of online golf shops. These hats are a flex fit style and they offer three different sizes. However they do not have a mesh back like a "trucker" style hat though. But as far as i know these are the first flat bill hats they have released to the public. Cant wait for mine to get here, should be here this week. Hope this helps


  3. Paul T


    What web sites are the '13 Flat Brim hats on? I've been looking for them, but can't find them. I've been trying to get one for a year now, and am happy they finally came back out. Thanks. 


  4. greg p

    Sorry, you're going to have to go without me on this one.  I say, "put a curve in it."

  5. Trent L


       There is a bunch on Ebay and you might be able to get them for a little cheaper there, but if you don't feel comfortable on Ebay then has them. And by the way the ones I ordered showed up and they are pretty awesome. Good luck.


  6. Paul T

    Yea, only has one color. has both colors, and the rest of the 2013 line up I was looking for. 

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