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Zipper Tabs for golf bag

Allen P

Is there any possibility to obtain the tabs used on Titleist golf bags. I currently have the Staff bag 9.5 Top Cuff SKU TB2SF9-0. The rubber covers that fit over the pull tab are falling off and I would like to replace them if possible.

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  1. Doug W

    Me too! I have the Titleist cart bag, rubber tabs are breaking in half. I would replace them if I could...

  2. Rafe V

    What about a titleist patch or bag repair.  little critters chewed at my bag and the lower pockets have holes and the logo is a mess.  I need some repair ideas.

  3. Allen P

     Although your issue is different then mine may I suggest you take your bag to a place that does embroidering. Once you find a place check to see if they do work on golf bags. You should take the bag to the establishment for them to examine. Their ability to make a repair or embroider a logo depends on the bag size and location on the bag that needs to be addressed. I recently had my name embroidered on my bag.

  4. Allen P


            I am hoping Titleist will give us information on who makes their bags. I am sure they have barrels of the rubber tabs we are trying to get.

  5. Breks19


    I work in a golf shop, Sun Mountain is the company that makes Titleist Golf Bags, not 100% sure if they make the staff bags for them but I know they make the cart and carry bags for them.  Any of you should be able to take your bag to an authorized Titleist dealer and depending on how long you have owned it they they may be able to have some warranty repair work done on them.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Allen P


          This information could be very helpful.  The bag most likely will not be covered by any warranty because of age but I will try to contact Sun Mountain and see what they provide. From what I can see the tabs seem as though they can be slipped right over the medal piece. I'll let you know what information I get



  7. Allen P


         You are correct Sun Mountain makes Titleist golf bags however they do not do repair or replacement. Lady at Sun Mountain gave me the phone number to Customer Service at Titleist. Called Titleist spoke to a representative and explained what I was wanting to obtain. She said no problem they have them and will send some new ruber pull tabs. How great is that!!!



  8. Richard A

    Great news, I have the same problem with rubber tabs breaking off. What is the phone number of the lady that helped you in customer service?
  9. David G

    Are these zipper tabs still available? I lost one on sunday on my staff bag and it just looks off. Thanks.
  10. DGalvin

    Has anyone figured out how to put the rubber tab over the metal stem?
  11. DGalvin

    Now that I have received the replacements, what is the best/easiest way to remove and install the zipper tab?

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