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Yesterday was a sad day for my 7.5* 910D3


So I was playing yesterday and I noticed my drives were 10-15 yards shorter then they usually are. After and 14 holes I looked at the face and right in the sweet spot slightly above center there was a flat spot. I took it to my favorite golf shop and they did tests to see if I was right and I was. So I left it with them for them to take care of the warrenty process. I have never flatted a Titleist driver before Luckily they had a used 8.5 head for me to borrow for my match play event tomorrow.

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  1. NavyLD12

    My driver has been sent back to Titleist now I am just waiting to hear back. Since I didnt have my driver my course let me use the 913D3 8.5* demo to play in a match play event. It took me 9 holes to get used to it but once I did it was awesome. I hit it 10 yards longer and I made 5 birdies on the back including birdies on 17 & 18 to win the match. I will be getting one for sure as soon as I find out what is going on with my driver.

  2. Hotsauce

    The 913 is getting rave reviews!  It's too bad about your 910, but I'm sure Titleist will make it right.  They always do.  It's cool that you got to rip the 913 around.  I sill haven't seen one in person only because I'm scared I'll come home with it.  I guess it's a good move on your course's part.  It's the same thing as BMW giving you the new 5 series while your old 3 series is in the shop.  I'm sure they get more than a few sales that way.   

  3. Christian J

    Glad to hear that you like the new 913.  I have never heard of that happening to an old driver.  Too bad it wouldn't happen to mine, so I could get the new 913 ;)

  4. NavyLD12

    I all fairness my SS is between 117-120 on average and if I rip it 123-124. So it is bound to happen eventually.

    Great reference with the BMW idea never thought about that.

  5. James T

    I have had the same problem with a few drivers from other brands and even had a swing that ended with the ball going through the face and staying inside the head. Needless to say but I have never used that brand since. 

  6. Norman B

    I ordered the 913D3, 7.5. It came in on Sunday thank god. I was playing a Pro-am here in El Paso and need to get used to it. HOLY COW. I am about 10-15 yards longer. I played 36 holes on Sunday and then I hit about 75 balls with nothing but the driver on the Range. I love this driver, Titleist hit it out of the park with the 913.  By the way, I shot 66 in the pro-am. Best round of my life, previous was 67..woot woot

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