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2012 Reverse Cart Bag

James S

I am originally from the UK and whilst over there recently I saw a pretty cool looking bag called the Reverse Cart Bag.  I cannot seem to find it here in the USA and wondered if it is available.  It shows up on the website and in all the stores over there.

Is there any way to get one here?

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  1. Greg E

    check out this link to the Titleist website...  it has the "reverse" top that you are looking for.


  2. David B

    Hi James

    Isn't it a strange world we live in.

    I can get what you want and you can get what I want.

    For a couple of years now I've been trying to get my hands on a Titleist 9" Mid-Size Bag which I've been told is not available to the UK market and here is you trying to get a Titleist RC-11 Reverse Cart Bag which I can purchase very easily.

    I still live in hope that Titleist will add this Mid-Size bag to the UK market in 2013...............Don't hold your breath!

    I can tell you that Titleist are up-grading the RC-11 bag for 2013 so don't go purchasing one before you see the latest version.


    Dave Burns (Dunfermline Scotland)

  3. James S

    Thanks.  I'll keep a look out.

    Perhaps the next time I visit my parents, I could bring my clubs over in a newly purchased 9" mid-size bag that you want, and then ship it from Yorkshire to Dunfermline.  I could then buy the reverse cart bag and return home with my clubs in a shiny new bag :)

    Midland, MI (formerly of Doncaster, S. Yorks.)

  4. David B

    Now that would be an idea James!

    Have a look and our club web site and not the bit about our link with America.....................Enjoy.

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