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Dream bag Giveaway

Devin F

Dear Titleist,

If I won this experience I would take my dad so that we could have a great time and memorys together. It would be so cool to let me and my dad get new clubs and a great experience.


-Devin Foster

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  1. Dan W

    if i won this sweepstakes it would be a dream come true, also a miracle.

  2. Don O

    Dan W

    if i won this sweepstakes it would be a dream come true, also a miracle.

    ...Yes it would, yes it would. 

    Just imagine winning and the boss won't let you off.  Would you quit your job?  Winning would be Heaven, not taking it would be ....


  3. Ryan N

    Great contest guys. I would love to be able to take my father in law because he has done so much for me that us both being avid golfers would be great. Plus love to have some new properly fitted wrenches so maybe i can finally beat him...

  4. Jim A

    If I was lucky enough to win the Dream Bag Giveaway, I would have to take my best friend who really helped me get back into life after my accident.  He has been my golf buddy and great friend for many years now and this would be just a small thank you for all he's done.  Thanks for the chance and I hope to see you in California.

  5. John L

    I like this thread its a good one for all us dreamers to put our thoughts on paper (meteporicaly). i would take my freind from back home he's watches my stuff when ever i deploy. He never asked for any money. its the least i could do.

  6. Christian J

    I would take my cousin Erik.  Him and I golf nearly everyday during the summer, and is my best friend.   

  7. steve l

    Dear Titleist,

    I'm 44 and been taking golf serious for 4 years after years of playing baseball.  As I'm already an ambassador for Titleist, getting a set of Titleist clubs (have about 6 different brands in my bag) would round out the total experience.

    Golf has it's grips in me now, and I look forward to talking and playing the game for years to come.

    Steve Larson

    Bloomingdale, IL

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