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Nick D

i play titleist clubs, and i just turned 16. i've been looking for a lanyard and can't find one could you tell me where to locate one?

Nick Daugherty

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  1. Connor O

    I have been wondering the same thing. I am a huge titleist fan and would love a lanyard for my keys but I can't find them anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one?? Any help would be appreciated 

  2. Christian J

    Check eBay, or ask one of the TT staff members.  I'm sure they could hook you up.

  3. Spencer B

    they have a couple listed on ebay.

  4. Miles B

    For my work I have to wear a lanyard and if Titleist made one I know I would buy it

  5. ed g

    i have been playing for 52 years i have been playing titleist balls for 52 years and played the first titleist irons and wood e when the titeist purchased a company i believe named golf craft????? a friend of mine named jerry purdy started me on your balls and clubs

    last year purchased a set of ap2 irons  after being fitted buy mard the titleist rep great irons i am 76 years oldand am still shooting in the mid 70  several times a year i have won my club championship 2 times and the seniors 3 times i refuce to play any other ball 

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ed,

    That is fantastic to hear!  Thanks for all your support!

  7. Jared H

    I am looking for a Titleist Lanyard and am still trying to have a Team Titleist bag tag sent to me. Appreciate it, thanks again- Jared.

  8. Chuck Z

    Cathi D....

    Thank you for the info on the 913s and the other bag is now complete...Chuck Z 

  9. Tanner G

    Hey Cathi I was wondering if y'all at TT could get me a Titlesit lanyard, it would mean the world for y'all to send me one! 

    Thanks, Tanner

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