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Such thing as Too Addicted?

Manuel M

Hello Team Titleist,

I've been meaning to make a post on this subject but haven't had time to until now. So here it is, when I first started to get into golf I had fun going to the driving range, occasionally watching the golf channel and looking up videos on YouTube for golf information. Well since then and in the past 8 months, I have become absolutely addicted to golf. I don't go a day without thinking about playing, going to the driving range, looking up clubs, watching the golf channel, and looking on YouTube for golf videos. I am constantly thinking about everything golf. It has even gotten me in trouble with my girlfriend. I usually have something of golf on me all the time, wether it's a ball, ball marker, or hat. I'm truly addicted and just wish I could find someone that was like me to relate to. Golf makes me feel some complete and I love every aspect of the game. I'm always looking up new ball prototypes and clubs. I don't know how long I'll be this addicted but I can assure you that I will forever love Titleist and Golf. I am currently the only person in my family that likes/loves golf so I can't wait until I have a son or daughter to golf with and teach them all the knowledge I have. If anyone can relate to my addiction or just want to comment, please do. Have a great day and better Holliday season.

Respectfully, Manny M.

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  1. Christian J

    I'm in the same boat Manny.  As you can tell, I am always on the discussions or blogs sharing my insights.  I am too deeply obsessed.  I spend almost half my day at school on this website or looking up golf stuff.  When I'm at work I usually think about my swing, and things I can do to make myself better.  Finally when I get home I work on my swing, short game, and putting for over an hour.  Almost all the time when we go somewhere I'll be wearing my Titleist hat, I love it to death and feel almost naked when I don't wear it out on the course.  I don't carry a ball marker around, but I do always have my Titleist lanyard.  Also for school we are assigned laptops with a case.  On the case there is this clear sleeve with a white paper in it, and we're supposed to design it so we can easily find it.  So of course I put the logo on it.  I may get teased about loving the game so much, but hey, I don't care!

  2. Manuel M

    I'm right with you on all of that Brotha. I forgot to mention I practice my swing without clubs when I'm out & about. I love everything about golf. I'm just trying to figure out where to put my Team Titleist sticker at. When I went to a Titleist demo day recently, the rep was really surprised on how much I knew about Titleist.

  3. Lou G

    I am now a diehard golfaholic.   Been playing since 1972 but not  alot between 1977 and 2006 (almost none between 1993 and 2006).  I have been playing faithfully every other Friday since 2006 - making up for 30 years of lost time. 

    It is so addicting I spend a lot more time on TT vs Facebook (and even 90 percent of my posts are golf or guitar related).

    I got a Titleist hat that I wear just about everywhere (even take it on stage when I play gigs).  It originally was black and faded almost to brown.

    I rarely practiced before 2006. One was the military lifestyle - generally went to work at 6AM to catch breakfast before going to morning quarters or meeting.   I also had 11 years aboard ship (with six 6 month deployments overseas).   Now I practice at least once a week (if not twice) and sometimes toss an iron in my practice bag before work and stop by the park. 

  4. Ron M.

    I'm glad i'm not alone.....Been playing golf for 20 years, oh wait, been bashing the golf ball around the couse for 20 years....I watched a video 2 months on youtube that Pete Cowen explained the swing to me in simple and effective terms...This was the turning point in my golf game....That night in my bedroom I swung the golf club untill 3 in the morning and never looked back...I now fight with myself to share my time between Flyfishing and the great game of golf...New apps on Iphone, driving range daily, youtube vids, golf channel,TT, and still swinging in my bedroom. Just got back from Myrtle Beach where I played 3 rounds and fished 1 day.1 bad thing is I live in NY and can't do either in the winter,so I see some more trip down south this winter...

    SC red fish in my warm Titleist winter hat...


  5. Adam T

    This is my first ever post here on Titleist. I'm not addicted, to golf. But I am totally addicted to something else a little more embarrasing. I'm addicted to order. I mean when I see a clean fairway, or car, or room, or anything shiny new and orderly, I have to get it or be at it. I enjoy golf for that reason, but I'm a horrible golfer. 

  6. pulplvr

    I'm not sure I qualify as addicted, but I am totally involved with golf.  Since I retired completely almost four years ago and relocated to SE Texas, I play 5 days a week, sometimes 6.  I am a FJ Ambassador, and participate on that site far more than I do on this one.  I practice when I am having difficulty with an aspect of my game, but most time on the range is simply warm up for a round of golf.  With weather here that supports a 12 month golf game, and year around handicap season, I'm rarely not playing--unless my wife and I are traveling.  I keep a set of clubs, a pair of FJ DryJoys, a hat, at my daughter's house in VA, so when I'm up there I have the option of playing if the weather cooperates.  I'll keep at it as long as my game and health hold up.

  7. Brent B

    watching golf channel now while also online checking out the latest Titleist news all while getting yelled at by the wife who wants to be watching Christmas shows. sometimes you got to pick your battles but golf is something i too am def addicted to.

  8. Skylar T

    I definitely fall into this category but I would prefer to say that we have a passion for the game.  Ya, I know, I guess we are pretty much addicted but then again, there are a lot worse things we could be addicted to.

  9. Don O

    When is a commitment an addiction?  I knew I had to play and practice more than twice a month to get past a 45 handicap.  So my co-workers now think I'm a little off the deep end because I'm willing to play any weekend and ok playing 9 after work in a league.  I'll also stop off at any of 4 driving ranges if I feel I need to work out some kink on the way home from work.

    My coach is now working my wife and is concerned that I might be watching too much Golf Channel.  In all fairness, Wisconsin has had continual elections for the last 2 years and the GC doesn't have political ads.  So, I do have to give equal time on the TV to my wife.

    I've had a lot of opportunities with business travel and vacations so I've played Torrey Pines and both Whistling Straits courses as well as hitting the RTJ Trail.  Tossed in the Presidio, so it does bode badly for me to try to convince folks I'm not obsessed.  A lot of this travel I won't be going back again on business, so I'm just living in the now.  The Kohler courses were a benefit from working the Women's Open. 

    I used to run with some compulsion but that got lonely running by myself.  At least I can walk a round with someone else.  Even if it is someone different most of the time.

  10. Raymond W

    Oh man, addicted?  It's past that with me.  I played competitive sports my whole life through the collegiate level.  After college played some competitive stuff here and there but nothing like this.  I picked up my first set of clubs 5 years ago.  Played a time or two on business trips.  No big deal.  3 years ago my wife bought we a new driver.  I said to her well since you spent some "real" money on this I guess I should try to use it correctly.  Well 3 years and 2 complete sets of clubs later  it's gotten almost ugly.  I have never been so addicted to something in my life.  I can't put my finger on why.  Is it the competitiveness, being outdoors, figuring something out with your swing, hitting the longest drive in your group, finally beating your playing partners.........  7:00 am before work and I am checking the site to see if I won the fitting sweepstakes.  I have already been on my Golf Channel App.  Long winded but just thought I would share.  You are not along Brother.......    

  11. Hotsauce

    My wife thinks I'm addicted to golf, but I can totally quit anytime I want to.  Yup... anytime I want to... probably

  12. Justinu3

    Josh G

    My wife thinks I'm addicted to golf, but I can totally quit anytime I want to.  Yup... anytime I want to... probably

    When is our next GA meeting Josh??  Golfers Anonomyous....

  13. Christian J

    I have to agree with Skylar on his point there.  Being a Senior in high school, there are many things out there provoking me, but then I remember my golf goals and carry on.  By the way, the only time my TV isn't on GC, is when I'm watching live golf on CBS or NBC.

  14. James B

    Hello , my name is James and I'm a golf-aholic ...  I'm addicted to golf .......

  15. Lou G

    You know you are REALLY addicted when you call everybody Howie (story behind this is that there generally was at least someone named Howard in any given foursome at the country club I caddied at).   When "bingo-bango-bongo", Nassau, skins, sneakies or any of that other golfspeak jargon becomes part of your daily vocabulary or taking practice swings at Church becomes routine, you are over the edge.

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