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Shot 70 at Torrey South yesterday with my ProV1 test ball


I played Torrey South yesterday and decided to use th Test ball I recieved. The ball performed great. I only missed 4 greens and i got up and down 3 times and chipped in the other. The chip in was pretty awesome I missed #11 right and had to hit a flop over the bunker to a front right pin only had about 8 ft of green. Two maintence guys were working kinda close to my line. They moved and I joked saying "what you don't trust me?" one of the guys replied "your gonna make it" I hot the shot just like i pictured about 25ft straight up and it landed on the fridge and rolled right in the hole. The guy claps and said "see i told you".  That was the highlight of the day along with making a 40ft eagle putt on 6. Needless to say i cant wait for the new ball to come out. 

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  1. Christian J

    That's a sweet story!  I loved the new test balls as well, the ball I tested performed great.  Straighter, softer, longer, and much better feel off the putter.  I tested the ProV1, but now I play the ProV1x.  I can't wait until they release these balls.  Needless to say, Titleist. IMO, makes the best all around golf ball.  Best feel, and easiest to play.  

  2. Kerry N

    Well done on the 70. I havent had a chance to play the new prototype dont have one. This is the first summer I have played golf in 4 years and cant wait to play the new ball. Im sure torrey south looks just as good as I played it 20 years ago while visiting my buddy stationed out there. I was stationed on the east coast at the time.

  3. Jim A

    Great story and great round, well done sir!  

  4. NavyLD12

    It was an awesome day. Yeah its nice being staitoned in San Diego so many great golf courses and you can play year round as you all know.

  5. Christian J

    I love it here in Iowa, but I wish I lived somewhere where I could play golf year round.  But hey, I played this past weekend in 60* weather.  I can't complain for Iowa!

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