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Team Titleist App

Jake W

I believe that Titleist should come out with an app for the iPhone as well as the Droid.  That should help with Team Titleist blog.

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  1. Eric S

    They do have one for the iPhone. I use it everyday to check the discussion boards. Love it

  2. Jake W

    Ohhhhh! I have the app too but I didn't know where you could check all of it. I had to scroll down a little more to see the team Titleist feed along with the discussion feed. Thanks bud. 

  3. Manuel M

    Hey jake,

    I wanted to let you know that Titleist does have a phone app for iOS (not 100% positive about android) and it is free to download. I had the same exact question about including the Team Titleist discussion boards on it also for much easier accessibility. Well after reading Eric'a comment I had to double check and it does in fact include discussion boards and all types of feed. I will attach some photos to show you proof. So just simply download it through the App Store, open the app, tap the top left corner, then tap Titleist social stream, then tap manage feeds, and then simply tap the feeds you would like to see in your feed section. Now I will say once you open the feed you want, it will then open your browser which is not what I wanted exactly but it does make some ease for you to see what's new. I hope this all helps. Have a great day. #TeamTitleistForLife

    Respectfully, Manny M.

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