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Mini Launch Monitor

Manuel M

Hey Team Titleist

I have been looking for swing analyzing devices alot lately and have seen many things, but the one that really caught my eye is the ES12. Its made by Ernest Sports and basically is a rectangular shaped device that is placed on the ground 10 inches away from your ball and is connected through bluetooth to your phone with the app on it. It measures your ball speed and yardage. It has many neat features that are also included but I wanted to know if anyone has had the chance to use a device like this or what your personal thoughts on it were. Everyone please feel free to voice your opinion on this post. My main goal is to have excellent ball contact and a high ball speed for further distance. Afterall from what i know if your club head speed is high but not the ball speed then you wont be getting the yardage you want. So you have to have that ball speed high. Thank You.

Respectfully, Manny M.

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  1. A.P. Cooper


    I have not tried that particular device, but I am a pretty big advocate of the 3Bays GSA which has been out for at least a few months now and is currently carried at major golf shops such as golfsmith. It is also a bluetooth device that connects to the phone to give instant feedback to their app which is available on either Android or iPhone. It is just a small piece that sticks into the butt end of your grip on any club and has something like 10000 points of motion detection.. anyway, I've bought 3 now since every time I show it to a friend and let them try it, I just end up letting them keep it as a gift. It sells at MSRP for $199 and the general opinion between everyone I talk to, is that there is nothing else that really comes close to this particular analyzer as far as overall benefits and value. You should check it out for sure.

  2. Manuel M

    Hey Cooper thank you for the valuable feedback and input on this. I definitely appreciate your help because I have not really had anyone's opinion on any devices to analyze your swing. The funny thing is that I already have the app for GSA and I have heard about it before. I have seen and researched a lot of devices and right now my top 2 choices are 3 Bays GSA and ES12. Does the GSA measure ball speed? And by any chance spin rates? Also do you have a YouTube video of you using it? Thank you for all the help.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

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