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Most Memorable Shot

mickey m

You are in a bar talking about golf...what one shot do you tell everyone about?

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  1. Todd T

    Playing Torrey Pines South #18 and smashed a drive center of fairway, now the decision is do I try to go over the only water on the course and putt for eagle. Other problem is the slow group in front of us is on the green lolly-gagging and they've done it on the last two Par-5s. The finally put pin in and laser says I have 234 to pin!

    I pull out the 910 17 hybrid with GD AD DI and hit the prettiest baby fade to about 10-12 feet! Was just one of those shots that never really left the pin and never really felt the contact. I watched it and smirked as my playing partner said that was going to be good! The bad part was missing the eagle putt, but finishing TP with a Birdie s always good!

  2. Lou G

    mickey m

    You are in a bar talking about golf...what one shot do you tell everyone about?

    Either the 325 yard drive I hit with a 3 wood as a teenager or the 25 yard over the bunker pitch that I holed out for birdie last year.

    For my bad golf stories - 1.  Watching a guy ahead of my group shoot 13 on a 135 yard par 3 (5 balls in the drink 1 in the bush with the chip to the green and two putts; the golfer gave his caddy an "Awful, Awful" sticker that was good for an ice cream concoction of the same name).  2.  Hitting a 290 yard drive on a 460 yard par 5, hooking the 2nd shot, flubbing the chip and 3 putting for bogey.   3.  Driving the green recently on a short par 4 and 3 putting for par. 

  3. Tom E

    My 20-foot birdie putt on the 16th at TPC Scottsdale while on vacation. 

  4. Spencer B

    I would either talk about stuffing a 3 wood to 2 feet or holing out from the fairway on a blind green.

  5. Tim Tiger

    Making a Hole in One on  #8 at Medinah CC 8th hole.  It was during the FootJoy Ambassador Invitational in 2011. 

    The best part was that FJ flipped the bill on all the drinks that were consumed after.


  6. Fred C

    It's a toss-up between acing the 9th hole at Keeton Park in Dallas, a 325 yard par 4 or the ace at #17 on Pinehurst #2 during the ClubCorp Team championship a few years ago. 

  7. Don O

    Most memorable shot - drove the green in of 284 yd par 4 dogleg.  Hit a screamer (unintended knockdown shot) to cut the leg that managed to miss all the trees and roll up onto the green.

    I've forgotten all the really non-memorable shots, although the thought of 3 putting that drive for a par lingers.

  8. josh w

    tim i wish i was there to see that

  9. Dan C

    Mine would have to be draining my 35 foot birdie putt on number nine of Pinehurst No. 2, what a great course!!!

  10. Robert Sellman

    I gotta say mine was when I was 14 and I was just learning to play. I was pitching shots from the field beside my house into my backyard and I shanked one and it took one hop and went thru the backdoor window. My mom was sitting on the porch at the time and it whizzed by her head she jumped up and didn't know what it was. My dad didn't take my clubs, but I had to pay for the window and had to practice somewhere else.

  11. Chris S

    My best shot and worst shot happened on the same I don't talk about it;) lol

  12. Parthur

    Last week: Tried to cut a corner by going over trees on a dogleg left. Hit the top of the tree, and the ball fell and stopped in small branches about 7 ft up from the ground. I had to hit my driver lefty (I am right handed): Out of the trees, over a small river and maintenance building and it landed in the middle of the fairway. How lucky can you get! Cool part-one of my playing partners shot a video on his phone and emailed it to me. The video is too large to post, so here is a still shot:

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