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Footjoy shoes

Spencer B

Which footjoy shoes are the most comfortable?

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    Spencer,  they are the most comfortable  shoe in GOLF..... pick a style   doesn't matter.

  2. Carl T

    I like Icon and the Dryjoy shoe. I have a long narrow foot and I usually have to order all of my shoes, 13 A. The best golf shoe ever was the Footjoy Classic which came in AA and A widths. The Icon Narrow fits OK but I wish they would go back to the lettering system for a more precise fit. It seems the new hot trend in golf shoes is the tennis shoe look started by Couples. These type of shoes offer no arch support as I also have flat feet. JMHO but seeing old pot belled golfers wearing these type of shoes, with shorts and tooth pick legs look weird to me. Kind of like a toupee that is the wrong color and is about to fall off.





  4. memphisunited

    You can't go wrong with any FJ shoes.  I would go and try different models on.

  5. Cody D

    I use Super Feet in all of my golf shoes so it does not really matter to me what shoe I wear but mine are all FJ's

  6. James B

    I too must say you can't go wrong with FootJoy. I have several different styles and I love them all. The best thing about FootJoy is the quality and comfort no matter how much you spend. Just pick a style that works with your budget and you will be set.

  7. Jim H

    Dryjoy Tours.  I have 3 pairs and they're better than the Dryjoy or the Sport, of which I also own a couple pairs. 

  8. Andrew O

    For me, the ICONs are the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever put on my feet.  I've got eight pair with a ninth on the way!  You pay a little more for them but if you care for them properly they will last a LONG time.  

  9. Hotsauce

    mad golfer

    Spencer,  they are the most comfortable  shoe in GOLF..... pick a style   doesn't matter.

    Agreed! I've owned everything from super lights to Icons and every FootJoy shoe is top notch. The dry joy tour is nice, but I love the Icon the most. You can't go wrong with FJ's

  10. ToddL

    I would agree with the majority of the group that FJ shoes are in a class by themselves in the shoe market.  Your question is really difficult to answer because FJ offers shoes of so many different styles.  The XPS-1 is probably the most stable shoe on the market.  The ICON is a classic fit and feel.  The Contour and Sport models are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market.  And that does not even touch on the spikeless versions that they have.  In my opinion, the spikeless Sport model are the most comfortable shoe you can wear on and off the course.  The DryJoys and GreenJoys are fantastic too.  If you do not like the standard colors, you can actually make your own pair of FJ's - they are called MyJoys.  You design them and add your colors and even a monogram or favorite logo!  

    There is a new show that they will be coming out with this spring - the M Project.  There is not a lot of information out there on them right now, but will probably make their debut at the PGA Show (if I was guessing).  

    Happy searching for the right FJ product for your game.  Spend some time at your local proshop or golf store and try them on.  You will quickly find that they are all slightly different, but I would be very confident to say that you will be very happy with the FJ's that you ultimately decide on.

  11. Todd T

    That's like asking a friend what flex should you be playing, best to head to the golf store and try them all on, even swing a driver with them on! All are great!

  12. tdogg21

    like everyone else has said, you can't go wrong with FJ shoes.  i have a couple pairs of Icons that i can walk 18 holes with no problems.  you put them on and forget they are there.  but if you want to know what is most comfortable for you, you need to try them on and maybe take a few swings yourself.

  13. Tim Tiger

    FJ has a model for any situation.  Like the guys have said already, they are top notch.

    Swing by the FJ Ambassador forums and you can learn all about FJ. 


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