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TT Bag Tag!

Sean S

I too was one of the lukcy ones to come home and have a TT Bag Tag waiting for me! I can't wait to take it on my travels and show my Team Titleist pride!

Mike, you and your staff are great and I think I speak for everyone here when I say we truely appreciate the open dialogue we have with you and information you provide to us. Not too mention the great TT gear we can either win or be surprised by!

Here's to a great 2013!!

Fairways and Greens!


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  1. dustin t

    Got one too in the mail over the weekend. It's on the bag. Thanks Titleist.

  2. Manuel M

     Here is mine, I just received it today. Thank you to the entire Team Titleist staff for your outstanding customer service and amazing communication with TT members. Team Titleist for Life!

  3. Mark S

    How cool! I got a nice little package in the mail yesterday from Titleist...a SWEET Team Titleist bag tag! I can't wait for spring to show that baby off at the course. Thank you for this awesome gift.

  4. Jim A

    I got my TT Bag tag in the mail.   It looks great and is already on the bag waiting for spring to arive and show it off.  Love it, and thank you Titleist for continuing to think of your fans!

  5. josh d

    How do you get one?

  6. Jerry R

    Got mine!  Titleist is the best!!!

  7. Jeremy H

    Those bag tags are sweet!


  8. sean o

    Those really are great looking. That would go perfect with my new Titleist bag and clubs.

    Fingers crossed to be one of the proud recipients... thanks Titleist.. love your clubs and golf goodies.

  9. darren b

    I would really love one of these too!

  10. Mitch B

    How did you get one? 

  11. Jacob L

    I got mine in the mail yesterday. I will always put anything with a titleist logo on my bag. Thanks tt!

  12. Christian P

    Def need one of those!

  13. Mark S

    Mitch B

    How did you get one? 

    I just received one. Maybe it was a random give away? All I know is that it made my day! I hope you get one too. I wonder why they would not have the Titleist logo on the tag since branding is so huge and that Titleist logo is amazing.

  14. George H

    If at all possible I'd like to be the proud owner of one of these Team Titleist bag tags. They look great!

  15. tyler b

    Thanks alot for the bag tag! another member proud to put the titleist logo on the bag!

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