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Team Titleist Sweepstakes Winners

Manuel M

Hey TT 

I just wanted to drop by and ask when we would know the winners of the balls and hats and possible TT stand bag? I sure hope I was one of the winners of these amazing prizes by Team Titleist. Thank you again for all your support and service to TT members. The entire TT staff is the best in the world. 

Respectfully, Manny M.

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Manny,

    The sweeps winners are posted at the bottom of this page here:



  2. Jim A

    Congratulations to all the winners.  Great set of prizes from the greatest company!

  3. Manuel M

    Awesome:) congratulations to all the winners of the sweepstakes:] I know they will love their new TT gear.

  4. Andrew A

    Congratulations for sure!!!  Once again I'm on the less green side of the fence.  Someday my name will get called in one of these!!!  Here's hoping!!

  5. Chuck Z

    Mike D:


    Went by our local Titleist dealer this afternoon and was talking with one of my golfing buds, who works there, and he informed me, with a smirk that he got his TT bag tag and was wearing it proudly and wondered if I had gotten mine.  We play this game, I got mine first.... Are they currently being sent out, because my  Titleist bag has a home for one, if they are in the the way, will the 914 irons be out in October of 2013....was wanting new irons but am willing to wait on the new irons if they are coming out that soon....thanks.....will the Vokeys be changing at that time or will they stay the same......I am gradually converting my bag.....have full set of 910s, D, F, H and Scotty which I love....and am now working on the irons.....if the technology is changing...I can wait nine/ten months....thanks....Chuck Zirkle.....I'd rather be driving a the way, I say a license plate cover the other day that said that and I was wondering where I could find one....again thanks..... 

  6. Ron M.

    Congrats to all the winners....Thank you Titleist for the opportunity...

  7. Christian J

    According to the cycle, the 714's will be released in October.  Remember though, this is just based on the product cycle that Titleist is on, and could be wrong.  As for the license plate, check on eBay.  I know that I have seen them on their before.

  8. scott a

    Very cool way to end the year. Thanks TT! Can't wait to get the gear.



  9. memphisunited

    CONGRATS to all of the winners of the last sweeps of 2012.   

  10. Chuck Z

    Did not know if they were coming out earlier, because the 912s just went down in price 44% which normally means the new clubs are coming out in about 90 days.....

  11. 808HACKER

    Really!!!???  Darn...missed out on this :(  That TT bag looks so awesome...well, congrats to all the lucky folks.  12 more months to enter in the next one :(

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