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Team Titleist Bag Tag

Tim H

Got this great looking bag tag last. I proudly displayed it yesterday durning my first round of 2013!!!


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  1. Brian D

    Hi Mike and the entire TT crew.  Just wanted to say Happy 2013 to all of you and thank you very much for my new TT bag tag.  Going to get it on my bag this week and start playing where is your Team Titliest tag been.

    Thanks again,


  2. chad g

    How do I get my hands on one of these bag tags?

  3. Cathy E

    I'm excited to report that my Team Titleist Bag Tag and super cool Team Titleist hat will be boarding an airplane in Minnesota to head to sunny Arizona next Tuesday so I can play my first golf of 2013.  With at least 2 feet of snow still on the ground in my back yard, we might not be seeing green grass for awhile!!  My bag tag will report in later!. 

    Happy March Madness (go Gophers!) - Cathy

  4. Andy Y

    I was just thinking the same thing I see what it looks like and man would I like to get my hands on one!!! I am a loyal Titleist customer and a regular of the website.

  5. High Launch Low Spin

    I've seen these elusive Bag Tags as well, they look really cool. I've been a loyal Titleist Player since 1998 and I'd like to display one on my Titleist bag as well.

  6. Deric C

    How did u get your bag tag I would love to have one for my bag

  7. Blake C

    I would love to have a team titleist bag tag!!!

  8. Chris K

    chad g

    How do I get my hands on one of these bag tags?

    Yeah, how can I get one?

  9. Frank L

    chad g

    How do I get my hands on one of these bag tags?

    Just ordered my personalized Pro V1s.  Aare the Team Titleist Bag Tags still available?

  10. Doug E

    Everyone is asking where to get one, but no one is replying with an answer of how to do so. We ALL want one. HOW DO WE GET ONE!?

  11. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all of the interest in the bag tags. There have been a number of threads floating around on this topic, but here is the answer on how to get one...

    We do have a very limited number of bag tags remaining and you can visit this link for a chance to get your hands on one:

    Bag Tag Sign-Up

    As always, we will do our best to include as many people as possible but we cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up will receive one.

    In the meantime, we look forward to seeing all of your other posts and contributions to the site. 

    Thanks again!

    - Mike

  12. Jake O

    I need one! Team titleist  all the way 

  13. Frank L

    Thanks Mike!

  14. Andy Y

    Hey Mike thanks for the reply! Jacksonville resident here. We're ready for the players how about you?

  15. Thomas M

    Just signed up.  Hope I get one.  Will look good on my new stand bag. 

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