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How often do you re-grip?


The title says it all. I like to re grip every season. I've had a tough time finding the golf pride 580 tour velvets, so I ordered them online. I wonder why more shops don't carry these?

how often do you re grip?

what grips do you use?

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  1. Tyler H

    At least once a year, usually in the Spring. The wedges might get an addition re-gripping each year. I generally have been using Golf Pride Tour Velvets on irons, woods and hybrids and the Tour Velvet Cords on my wedges. 

    Picked these up recently and am going to use them for the next re-grip.

  2. Cody W

    I use the golf pride white tour wraps and those normally last me about two years playing 3-6 times a week, if they start to lose tackiness I wash them with a wet cloth to make sure it's not just dirt causing the problem.

  3. Chris S

    I regrip twice a year, sometimes 3 with 580 tour velvet 360

  4. cam j

    i re-grip once a year to keep them fresh . i use golfpride midsized multi-compound grips. 

  5. Cole W

    Usually regrip entire set once a year and then driver, and wedges at least one other time throughout the season, along with any clubs that might get more wear

  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Once a year. Sometimes twice if there is a new grip launched that sparks my interest... and sometimes three times if the new grips don't fit the bill, so back to the previous.

  7. Tim Tiger

    Usually twice per year on full set and three or more on Driver and wedges.  

    Have gone back to the basic Golf Pride Tour Velvets.  The new releases by GP may make me experiment a little.  

    pagehl golf pride grips


  8. Manuel M

    Has anyone ever used black widow grips? I'm really interested in how they perform.

    -Manny M.

  9. Fred C

    When it wears out, I replace it. I use the GP Tour Wrap Midsize in white and it holds up well, but also shows when they are dity and/or worn out. Typically, the irons once per year and the Driver & Wedges twice.

  10. Hotsauce

    Do you guys usually do it yourself or take them to the shop? I've done both but will definitely be doing it on my own this year.

  11. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    I started regripping on my own a few years ago and never looked back. Saves money and is a fun project. Also a great excuse to escape to the garage.

  12. Skylar T

    I have used the black widow grips before and I liked them.  I had the red and black ones that was kind of like a Multi compound.  They look cool too.

  13. Skylar T

    Has anyone tried out the new GP Z chord grips?  I'm due for a re-grip and interested in them.

  14. Cole N

    I disagree with re-gripping more than once per year. My main reason is that it's expensive to do a whole set, and it's completely unnecessary  if you choose the right grips.

    That's why I use Lamkin Crossline Cord grips because they last the longest of anything I've put on. I play about 120 rounds or more per year, and used to be a mini-tour grinder so I have been through many (think about 30) sets of grips. I can't play anything anymore, but a cord, and nothing else lasts longer than the crossline cord, so that works perfectly for me. They are a little pricey, (about 8.50+ per grip as opposed to about 5.00 for a tour velvet) but I work in a shop and regrip myself usually as they start to wear out. The cord lasts a long damn time, and it doesn't rain much where I live so I don't have to worry much about getting them wet. I also make sure to keep them inside a climate controlled environment, because if you have your clubs in extreme heat or extreme cold, you risk the integrity of the grip material and also the epoxy holding the club-head on can crack and loosen and you will see some ferrules starting to move or just lose a club head. So my advice is to keep your clubs at normal room temperatures wherever you live. Dry hot weather and dry cold weather can make rubber and leather grips have a shorter life-span

  15. David Browning

    I usually re-grip 3 times a year. I practice a lot as well as play many times a week, though. 

    The garage is a nice place to be. I'm always tinkering with new ideas for my clubs. 

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