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Mobile website/app

Daniel R

It would be great if team titleist had a mobile app on Blackberry (10),iphone,  or android. Would be mice to be able to access it when on the go. (posting scores at the course and other stuff)

Mobile website would work too

Just my 2 cents

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Daniel,

    Great news, we have both! We have an iOS app available (iPhone and iPad compatible) and here is the link to download:

    The app has a lot of great features including:

    Swing Comparison
    • Record your swing and compare it to a Titleist Brand Ambassador's or create a library of your own swings to view side-by-side. 
    • Features include full-speed or slow-motion playback, swing-sync and echo-motion effects.

    My Game
    • Post scores, track stats and take your game to the next level.

    We also have a mobile-friendly site that is currently being enhanced, but it will be back up soon. In the meantime, all of the Team Titleist features work on smart phones that have full-featured browsers - but it is not enhanced for mobile viewing.


    - Mike

  2. Jim A

    What is the android app?   You have listed the iphone app, but not the androids.

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Jim A

    What is the android app?   You have listed the iphone app, but not the androids.

    Hi Jim,

    We currently do not have an app for Android devices. We are in the process of enhancing our mobile-friendly version of Team Titleist and hope to have that ready for release in the near future.

    In terms of Android apps, we do not have a plan to release one in the near future. We sent a survey out a while back to Team Titleist to get a better sense of what devices everyone is using and based on the results and feedback, there wasn't a strong enough case for developing a separate app... yet.

    I say "yet" because we are planning to send another survey out to see if this has shifted at all since we last checked in.

    I know this is most likely frustrating to hear for Android device users but I assure you we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all of our Team Titleist members and we will continue to listen, improve and deliver.

    As always, don't hesitate to share any feedback or input.

    Thanks, Jim!



  4. Manuel M

    Hey Jim don't worry bud, Mike D. Is the man & you can bet that he will get it done for you in the future. Hang on and don't have any doubts. Mike, Cathi, Cameron & every Team Titleist staff member is committed to excellence and top performance service. They are the best in golf and I can assure you they will not let you down. Have a great day.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  5. Daniel R

    I think a Blackberry 10 app would be great. (and really easy too, Just port your HTML code into WebWorks

  6. Jim A

    Thanks for the information Mike. 

    I know that in that in the last survey, I had not yet upgraded to the new phones. and after much research, I chose the Android system vs the iphone's system.  I look forward to the new survey. 

    As always, thank you for your information and assistance.


  7. Will S

    I would say that things have changed quite a bit since the last survey. Android is now the most used operating system. Also I don't remember seeing the original survey so you may not have gotten an accurate estimate on users. Another app that would be nice in addition to the original Titleist app on Android would be an acushnet app for retailers. 

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