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Thank you to Titleist

Jim R

Just wanted to send a big Thank You to Cathi for the package you sent, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to send it!  The funny thing is my feelings were just about hurt for not getting a bag tag. LOL, but you made up for that 10X!  Thank you agian!

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  1. Christian J

    You have to show us what you got!  

  2. Joshua L

    Yeah, come on man! You can talk about it and not share.

  3. memphisunited

    You can't leave us hanging.  How about a photo?

  4. Ron M.

    I want to know what in da bag...what can possibly be 10x a bag please and congrats on your happiness

  5. Jim R

    Yes suppose it was rude of me not to give the details.  Cathi said that I was the most awesome 70/80s DJ she had ever listen to and the most accurate long iron player she has ever seen.  So, she sent me a new set of 712 MB irons, along with a special made 2 iron which is not produced in the MB,  2 degrees up with golf pride full cord grips!  No... just kidding!  LOL..  Cathi sent me a Titleist lanyard, and 2 team Titleist stickers, and a hand written note saying thank you for the support to Titleist  and the team.  The reason for the excitement was the fact she took the time to write a note, the hand written note is something that is lost now days.  Being a life long Titleist iron player, yes I caved into the TM scandal in the 90s on wood for a short period of time, but came home to Titleist woods, it was very nice to get something.  BTW I would still like to display a bag tag!  It was just a very sincere gesture on behalf of Titleist.  Attached is a pic, if you can't see it clear you can see the full thing on Twitter @djjimr690, yes the 690 is for the irons that have brought me great enjoyment over the years.  I will post a pick of my Titleist 690 2 Iron tattoo on my right bicep so you can see how serious I am about my golf equipment!  Sorry for being rude and not getting into detail


  6. Jim R

    Here is the tattoo of my sweet 690's! It saddens me to move on the MB's but game needs it, the 690's have been awesome!  As you can see they will stay with me forever!!


  7. Kevin O

    That tat is freakin' awesome!  True loyalty!!

  8. Carlo Angelo


    I believe that is the 690.CB, right??? I had the 690CB's, but had the luxury (courtesy of my wife) of upgrading last year.

    With your permission, this photo is worth sharing to other golfers!!!

    Happy Golfing.


  9. Jim R

    Yes Sir,

    They are the 690 CB's, I am going to the 712MB's at some point this year.  You are welcome to share the photo with whomever you would like.  I am proud of it!


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