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How many people have you converted to Titleist products?

Francesco F

Let me start saying that I am not a scratch or a low single digit (play off a 10), but i can kick the ball around and surely have a great passion and dedication for the game (like everyone on this site).

I "converted / introduced"  3 people just last season and I am sure there will be more to come. One of my friend thinks I should represent for Titleist (lol). Let's just say that the effort to convince them was minimal because the product speaks and performes for itself!

First one bought a 585h and the 910 D3. He's now replacing the 585 with a 910h and adding a 913f once out.

Second one switched to a Scotty Cameron, 910 D3, 910 Fd, and 910H.

Third one switched to MB Irons and will get a 913 D2 this year.

I am not a scratch or a low single digit (play off a 10), but i can kick the ball around and surely have a great passion and dedication for the game (like everyone on this site).

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  1. Christian J

    I haven't worked many of my friends over yet, but one is on the verge and just joined here about a week or so ago.  I for one though have switched a lot of my clubs over.  Last year I had switched to all swoosh in the bag, and was doing good.  I then joined this site and got brainwashed haha.  I have 2 910F's (15* and 19*) and 2 Vokey's (52* and 60*)  I haven't used the 910F's a whole lot, but my 15* is amazing!  Definitely the best or 2nd best 3 wood on the market.  The Vokey's however are awesome!  Great control, and I can finally spin the ball with the 60*!  I also play either the ProV1 or ProV1x depending on the day.  Everything Titleist makes is top notch and I will continue to gain more equipment.  I think I see a 910D2 and a 910H 21* in my future. ;)

  2. Tim Tiger

    I have been a full bag Titleist player for a long time.  And have switched a bunch of  people to try Titleist clubs over the last 4-5 years.  Plus the golf balls sell themselves.  Now with all of the custom options, it is easy to show someone a unique club and get them to order their own.

    Have also told everyone I know about Team Titleist and FootJoy Ambassadors.


  3. eagle3

    I think I have worked harder on my own conversion, but I can honestly say that I  have gotten 2 of my guys to at  least switch to ProV1x balls and another to switch to Vokey wedges.


    I have the the lightweight cart bag, the ProV1, ProV1x & NXT Tour balls, numerous Titleist hats and quite a few other Acushnet family items related to the FootJoy brand. Will continue to add to both as I go along.

  4. Don O

    One.    My oldest son.  He had an offer to get fitted at Congressional Golf Club, but the offer expired when the fitter left.  Through this site he went to 1759 Club recommended by other team members here.  Has a 913D2 and is now getting fitted for metal woods/hybrids. 

  5. Paul T

    My first switch was a set of Vokey wedges. I'm not a baller, so it's taking time to switch and convert over. But my second switch was new golf bag. Next will be a Scotty Cameron, then the Utility Club when ever it comes out. Followed by irons then driver and fairways. Buuuuuut that's going to take some time. haha

  6. Bill H

    I don't know how many people I have converted to Titleist over the years. I have been a loyal Titleist player since 2000 and sing their praises wherever I go. I can think of 4 people that have purchased Titleist drivers because they tried mine, and 3 people that purchased Titleist fairways after using mine. One guy even bought my Scotty Cameron Futura right out of my bag (I didn't care for it anyway). Last year, my 16 year old daughter switched to AP1 irons, and just upgraded to a 910H last week. She's the one I am most proud of converting. Now if I could just get that "Chevron" emblazoned driver out of her bag...

  7. Steve H

    Let's see.....Full bag of Titleist since 82', License plate (TITLEST) in 2002, on my 4th set of Wedges, still have my original "Box Blades" from college, my back window pays homage to TPI, Scotty, FootJoy, TT, and of course Titleist the #1 Ball in golf!  And that's just my bag and FJ. The room downstairs is worse(actually better)....I convert souls daily.  People ask if I work for Titleist and I smile and say I'm their Brand Manager.....

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