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What's your lowest score ever?

Robert Sellman

Mine is 75, then the injury bug hit (Low Back Fusion and Knee Replacement), now I've settled back into the 80"s and that might be all I can get with my restrictions now. But I love the game and I love my Titleist equipment.

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  1. Alexander C

    64 @ a junior open when I was playing off of 7. now down to 3 and not had anywhere near that 8 under.

  2. Jim A

    Congrats Deaconfann!  My lowest score for 9 holes is a 34, for 18 it's a 75 as well. 

    Don't worry about about your mid 80's scores.  After going through all of that, you are doing great to get back to that score.

    I was in a head-on automobile accident in 2005, and after 25 surgeries that put me back togther, this season year was my first year back playing the game I truly love.  The 34 came last year, so you can do it if you have the right frame of mind and stick with what your body can do.  Do not try to force it, it will come to you. 

    Best of luck to you in the coming season,


  3. Sean O

    So far mine has been a 71 but i'm working on it to get it into the 60's

  4. anthony p

    95 in my first year of trying to play frequently and improve... Just picked up a couple cally razr hybrids to replace my 3/4 irons.  I am hoping those are worth at least a few strokes.  Goal is sub - 90 this year!!!!

  5. artybabe

    My lowest score was 81 with my favorite ball the NXT.  THE PRO V1x is a lot to my liking too. Thanks Titlelist.  

    Also, Thank you, for the really nice BAG TAG.

  6. Hotsauce

    Ahhhh memories.  My best score was a 76 (par 72) on my old home course in Colorado. It was one of those days where you hit a lot of solid shots, make some long putts and capitalize on good bounces. I think I only missed one or two fairways that whole round.

  7. Ron M.

    70 at Hilton Head National on Thanksgiving day :)......Bogeyed last hole with a 3 putt to kill my chance for a 60's #...Will try hard to hit the 60's this year...

  8. Paul T

    Just an 86. Not a pro. haha. Maybe that'll change when I get some new Titleist irons!

  9. Andrew O

    My low is 76 and that was last year.  I'm typically a mid 80s player but decided this year I'm going to work more towards single digits in my handicap (currently a 12) and have been working with my local PGA pro as a result.  

  10. Tom S.

    80!! And I want to go lower so bad!!!Mid 80;s most of the time. Good Luck in 2013!

  11. Donald M

    66 in competition, clean round 4 birdies no bogies, next best in competition 67, 5 birdies no bogies. Played to five then

    DS Mason

    On Jan 27, 2013, at 9:26 AM, "Alexander C" > wrote:

    64 @ a junior open when I was playing off of 7. now down to 3 and not had anywhere near that 8 under.

  12. Chris S

    My best 18 is 77. My best 9 one time during league I was -2 thru 8, at the par 3 9th, I hit my tee shot in the water, re-tee, chip n putt for double. Even.

  13. Fred C

    66 on the TPC course at Las Colinas, the Championship and Masters courses at Brookhaven CC in Dallas. it's been a while though, but a breakthrough this year is coming.

  14. Robert Sellman

    Thanks Jim, Sounds like you have had it rough too. Good luck to you this season too. My motto is "Hit till you're happy" and I always just like being out and being able to play.

  15. Jordan G

    71 (-1) at the Player Course at Geneva National, Lake Geneva, WI

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